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Mochi: visual log- analysis based tools for debugging hadoop
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Mochi, a new visual, log- analysis based debugging tool correlates Hadoops behavior in space, time and volume, and extracts a causal, unified control-and dataflow model of Hadoop across the nodes of a cluster. Mochis analysis produces visualizations of Hadoops

A framework for performance analysis and tuning in hadoop based clusters
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MapReduce frameworks is foraying into the domain of high performance computing with stringent non-functional requirements namely execution times and throughputs. Over the last couple of years, several hundreds of sequential programs in various domains like biological

Hadoop based weblog analysis : a review
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The growth of websites and the Internet has opened up new research, social, entertainment, education and business opportunities. With the fast growth of the Internet, the digital data generated by the websites is becoming so massive that the traditional text software and

A profiling and performance analysis based self-tuning system for optimization of Hadoop MapReduce cluster configuration
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With the speedy development of Information Technology, Big Data becomes the most important issue for all companies. No matter whether they are in the high-tech industry, such as social network or cloud service, or they are in the traditional fields, such as finance or

Application of parallel particle swarm optimize support vector machine model based on Hadoop framework in the analysis of railway passenger flow data in
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In recent years, the development of high-speed railway industry in China is very rapid. However, the development of Chinese high speed railway cannot be further improved without basic research. The passenger flow is the basis and foundation to build high-speed

Hadoop based link prediction performance analysis
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Link prediction is an important problem in social network analysis and has been applied in a variety of fields. Link prediction aims to estimate the likelihood of the existence of links between nodes by the known network structure. The time complexity of link prediction

A scalable geoprocessing workflow for big geo-data analysis and optimized geospatial feature conflation based on Hadoop
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In the age of Big Data, there are many opportunities to collect and combine large volumes of geospatial data from a variety of agencies and from different volunteered geographic information (VGI) sources to facilitate scientific research and decision-making. However, two

Mining analysis on user search behavior based on hadoop
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User webpage search behavior is the hot research topic on information search at present. In view of the deficiency in Cloud parallel computing search, the thesis has proposed a method for mass user webpagesite search behavior based on Hadoop . On the basis of PageRank

Analysis of Data Placement Strategy based on Computing Power of Nodes on Heterogeneous Hadoop Clusters
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Hadoop and the termBig Datago hand in hand. The information explosion caused due to cloud and distributed computing lead to the curiosity to process and analyze massive amount of data. The process and analysis helps to add value to an organization or derive

Hadoop Based Storage and Analysis of Events
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In recent years the volume of data stored has increased rapidly. This is largely due to do increased use of computers and the internet with the possibility of recording every occurring event. These collections of data have become known as Big Data. The traditional methods

Hadoop based Network Traffic Analysis for Client Reputation Score Calculation
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In todays fastest growing Internet, millions of web resources are maintained and accessed on regular basis. At the same time, a huge amount of web resources are added to the Internet every day. In the world of digitization and computerization, the users are increasing

A Hadoop – based Retail E-Commerce Weblog Analysis System
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In the modern age, the act of purchasing underwent a drastic revolution due to the rapid development of e-commerce. For challenging their competitors over such kind of modern setting, which offers more than one way of completing a sales transaction, sellers sense the

A Load Balancer for Bursting Hadoop – based Network Analysis Jobs
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In the age of the Internet of Things, all sorts of devices are turning into connected gadgets that can share information to the Internet and improve our lives. Today there are millions of these devices generating unabating amounts of data that need to be processed and

Map Reduce based Analysis of Live Website Traffic Integrated with Improved Performance for Small Files using Hadoop
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Hadoop is an open source java framework deals with big data which is used to store and process huge amount of data. It has mainly two main components namely HDFS ( Hadoop distributed file system) which stores large amount of data in a reliable manner and another is

Telecom Data processing and analysis based on Hadoop
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For call tracking system to adapt to the needs of large data processing, combined with a strong competitive advantage in recent years in large data processing Hadoop platform, designed and implemented a Hadoop – based call tracking data processing model, in order to

Efficient Recommendation System based on Keyword for Smart-City with Sentiment Analysis using Hadoop
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In todays life recommender system plays the important role while user is on social networking site, online shopping website. For presenting the personalized recommendation according to the new users demand is big challenge. The previous recommender system

A novel model for Time-Series Data Clustering Based on piecewise SVD and BIRCH for Stock Data Analysis on Hadoop Platform
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With the rapid growth of financial markets, analyzers are paying more attention on predictions. Stock data are time series data, with huge amounts. Feasible solution for handling the increasing amount of data is to use a cluster for parallel processing, and

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