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Steganography has been successfully employed in various applications, eg, copyright control of materials, smart identity cards, video error correction during transmission, etc. Deep learning-based steganography models can hide information adaptively through
The purpose of steganography is covert communication to hide a message from a third party. This differs from cryptography, the art of secret writing, which is intended to make a message unreadable by a third party but does not hide the existence of the secret communication.

Secure Image Steganography Through Multilevel Security
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The concealment of data has emerged as an area of deep and wide interest in research that endeavours to conceal data in a covert and stealth manner, to avoid detection through the embedment of the secret data into cover images that appear inconspicuous. These cover

Image Steganography with DCT and Image Steganalysis using CNN technique
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The Steganography is used to conceal the existence of the secret data. The main objective of this paper is to explore a mathematical background of embedding techniques and feature extraction that are required for image steganography and steganalysis. Discrete Cosine

Image steganography using least significant bit and secret map techniques.
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In steganography , secret data are invisible in cover media, such as text, audio, video and image . Hence, attackers have no knowledge of the original message contained in the media or which algorithm is used to embed or extract such message. Image steganography is a

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Among the critical features of actions and strategies in the information and communications technology period is securing information. The reliability of information ought to be the main consideration in the discrete transfer of information between two people. For the security of

A Comparison of Steganography in the GIF Image using LSB and Spread Spectrum Method
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Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a graphics format that is most often used for the purposes of website design. The GIF has a bit more color combinations than JPEG but able to store graphics with background transparent or in the form of a simple animation. Because

Analysis of Steganography on TIFF Image using Spread Spectrum and Adaptive Method
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Nowadays the development of technology and information is very rapid and fast. Anyone can easily access or send any data and information which creates a problem to improve the system. The hidden message technique called steganography is a technique that allows

A Survey on Image Steganography
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Word Steganography is originated from Greek and has been used in several forms for 2500 years which is a art of hiding confidential data in any digital manner in such a way that no one can concealed it. It has found practise in various section like in military, government

Image Steganography : Critical Findings through Some Novel Techniques
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Word Steganography is originated from Greekand has been used in several forms for 2500 years which is a art of hiding confidential data in any digital manner in such a way that no one can concealed it. It has found practise in various section like in military, government

A Review on Various Image Steganography and Cryptography Techniques
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Nowadays, network has crucial role for transferring data source to destination. The data is not secure for transform to the secret. The security of data has become one in every of the principle challenges of resource sharing with communication over network. Steganography

Random Pixel Selection Based Improved LSB Image Steganography Method Using 1 D Logistic Map and AES Encryption Algorithm
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Steganography program is mainly concerned about covering the way that a mystery message is being sent, just as hiding the substance of the message. Any computerized picture is contained pixels of various sizes of lattices; different picture steganography

MM-Stega: Multi-modal Steganography Based on Text- image Matching⋆
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This paper proposes a multi-modal steganography (MM-Stega) scheme based on text- image matching. Currently, most steganographic methods embed secret information into a cover by modifying its content. However, the distortion of the cover caused by the

Using Reference Image an Alternative Approach of Steganography
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This paper is to create a practical steganographic implementation for 4-bit images. The proposed technique converts 4 bit image into 4 shaded Gray Scale image . This image will be act as reference image to hide the text. Using this grey scale reference image any text

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One other most important aspects in information security nowadays is to understand when creating or improving the websites login procedure or known as user authentication. The concept that is useful to secure or authenticate the system is the simple text-based

Turnitin-Robustness of steganography image -turnitin
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0% STUDENT PAPERS 1 2% 2 1% 3 1% 4 1% Robustness of Steganography Image Method Using Dynamic Management Position of Least Significant Bit (LSB) ORIGINALITY REPORT PRIMARY SOURCES Juarez-Sandoval, Oswaldo, Atoany Fierro- Radilla, Angelina Espejel-Trujillo, Mariko

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