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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolution in technology where all real world objects will be connected to internet. The Emerging technology is going to give a new dimension to the way we perform our everyday activities. This system introduces the simple implementation of a usable application with the low cost solution.

A prototype for IoT based car parking management system for smart cities
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Present days car parking has become a major issue in urban areas with lack of parking facilities and increased amount of vehicles, due to this drivers who are searching for parking space they were roaming around the city in peak hours. This causes traffic, waste of

IOT based smart waste management system using Wireless Sensor Network and Embedded Linux Board
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In many places, it can be seen that the Municipal garbage bins are overflowing and they are not cleaned at proper time. As a result of which the consequences are severe. It includes overflow of garbage which results in land pollution, spread of diseases. It also creates

IoT based smart energy management system
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Energy is a very important aspect for any household, industries, agriculture and so. Managing the energy efficiently and conserving it intelligently for appliances is very much important. The energy usage is directly affected with Coal, oil and so towards power

IOT based Energy Management System by Using Raspberry pi ARM cortex
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The purpose of this paper is to acquire the remote electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, and Frequency from Smart grid and send these real time values using IoT . This project is also designed to protect the electrical circuitry by operating an Electromagnetic

Task management system according to changes in the situation based on IoT
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Recently, the development of the smart home field provides a range of services to install and keep the smart home appliance in a users residential environment pleasantly. However, the conventional system method is not convenient enough to use properly because users have

An Iot – Based Remote Health Monitoring and Management System
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Article Preview Article Preview Article Preview With the development of economies, health has been paid more and more attention on in life. This paper introduces an Internet-of- Things- based health monitoring and management system , consisting of sensing

Waste management system based on iot
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Waste management is one of the primary problem that the world faces irrespective of the case of developed or developing country. The key issue in the waste management is that the garbage bin at public places gets overflowed well in advance before the commencement of

Development of building information management system with data collecting functions based on IoT technology
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Facility management is aimed at energy saving, increasing the lifespan of buildings, enhancing the satisfaction of facility users and reducing running costs. To that end, it is important to grasp the conditions of the building in detail, and to analyze them one by one in

IOT Based Fishery Management System
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Research in aquaculture is an input to increase stabilized production. In last decade various scientists have made sustained efforts that resulted in development of modern production technologies that have revolutionized farm production. Fish cultivating is getting to be a

IoT based lake and reservoir management system
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The history, culture, momentum and future budgetary status and biological practicality of India and its kinfolk are complicatedly associated with the water resources which are available from dams. These water resources open through dams are one of the standard

IOT Based Waste Management System for Smart City
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This paper gives the information about the waste garbage management in a smart way. Internet and its applications have become an integral part of todays human lifestyle. It has become an essential tool in every aspect. Due to the tremendous demand and necessity

Cold storage management system for farmers based on IoT
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India is one of the largest producers of agricultural products having diverse agro-climate zones across the country with vast range of agricultural products. The reprehensible storage results in high losses in grains, 30% of fruits and vegetables grown. Natural contamination of

Study on Intelligent Logistics Management Information System Based on IOT and Cloud Computation in Big Data Era
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In this paper, we analyzed the influence of IOT and cloud computation on the development of the logistics industry, built the intelligent logistics system on the basis of IOT and cloud computation, analyzed the three-layer architecture of the system and at the end, predicted

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The widespread use of information technologies provides new opportunities for agriculture to achieve optimal results. The IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data, parts of the Industry 4.0 concept, provide methods to establish primary databases adjusted to the needs of the

IOT Based Vehicle Parking and Toll-Fee Management System Using Raspberry Pi 3
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The basic desideratum of the vehicle parking and toll-fee management system is to reduce the waiting time of the vehicles. There are huge amount of vehicles passing through Toll Gate Stations and using parking places every day. This IOT based management system

Implementation of RFID in library management system based on Internet of Things ( IOT )
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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is better than barcodes as it provides applications that provide batch access, storage mass data and reprogramming. The cost of RFID is one of the major areas of concern to whether use it or not. Keywords: RFID, Tags, Library management

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Nowadays, there are always scraps scattered around the dustbin when the dustbin is too full thus producing unpleasant smell. This project is aimed to monitor the level of the trash in the dustbin through the smartphone as long as there is internet connection. Ultrasonic sensor is

IoT Based Smart Garbage Management System
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The launch of the Digital India Program of the Government aims at transforming India into digital empowered society and knowledge economy and towards this IOT would play a very vital role. One of the key aspects of Smart City is Smart Garbage Management which

IoT Based Automatic Waste Management System
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1, 2, 3, 4 (BE CSE Department Of Computer Science Engineering, GHRIEM, Jalgaon) 5 (Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Engineering, GHRIEM, Jalgaon) Abstract: The key issue in the waste management is that the garbage bin at public places

iNeer: An IoT Based Efficient Water Management System
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Water is a crucial resource and in the present era, it has become a scarce resource, as it is wasted without efficient water management systems. In this paper, an IoT based efficient water management system iNeeris proposed which manages the storage tanks and

IoT Based technology mode are a core stone for constructing proactive and predictive network smart service. A series of related technologies and intellectual options have driven transformations within every industry. IoT Based Smart Services has two essential components, that is, collection system and management system. The collection system is a smart agent systems on the managed devices gathering the device and network information via numerous methods, for instance, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) requests, Command-Line Interface (CLI) commands, Netflow aggregates. They perform one or two of the FACPS (Fault, Accounting, Configuration, Performance, and Security) management requirements. The data collection systems collect information from various sensors/entities and transfer to local and/or global service management systems for further process. In the management system, the network communication protocols are crucial. This paper explores Bluetooth Low Energy and 6LoWPAN, and the possibility to apply both of them. Based on the query of whether the IoT is end of cloud computing, the smart distributing system has been studied in Part 3 as one of significant component of data processing architecture. In the last part, other important technologies involved in the data processing and managing will also be discussed like signal processing,reconstruction technologies, Artificial intelligence (AI) and RFID technology.

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