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Security concerns with open research issues of present computer network
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Present networks are the mainstay of modern communication. The existence of networks is enriching our society in countless different ways. Now days, wireless mesh network is considered as an auspicious technology for posing self-healing, organizing and

Computer network security: Basic background and current issues
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The purpose of this chapter is to introduce some basic network security terms and lead the reader through the rest of the book. It provides a baseline level of knowledge in the areas of information technology (IT) security and network security for those readers who are

Design of an interactive game-based application for improving the resolution of common Computer Network issues
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The need to find new ways to help students in the learning process makes us more involved with technology which evolves every day. This background leads us to find new methods and forms of teaching that help students accelerate their learning skills in a different way

Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) and Network Issues : A Survey
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In this paper we evaluate Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) in terms of security, network delay and quality of service requirements. Security requirements of CSCW which have been presented in literature are summarized. We have discussed network delay

Network Security Issues in Computer Network
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This Paper tries to a solution for improving the security of network . This study mainly focuses on information security standards, based on the ISO 27000 series. Further, the paper suggested solution inside a simulated network and monitors and evaluates it by using the

Computer network security issues
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Network security has become a key issue in todays world of technology. Network administrators need to keep up with the recent advancements in both the hardware and software fields to prevent their as well as the users data. This article aims to identify the

Current Computer Network Security Issues /Threats
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Computer network security has been a subject of concern for a long period. Many efforts have been made to address the existing and emerging threats such as viruses and Trojan among others without any significant success. Worse, new issues and threats have been

Research on Security Issues and Protection Strategy of Computer Network
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Development and improvement has brought a very great impact to the network technology of the computer , besides the security of the network information has become a focus of the social safety questions. In this paper, through the analysis of security threats to computer

Network Security Issues , Tools for Testing Security in Computer Network and Development Solution for Improving Security in Computer Network
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This thesis report entitled Network security issues : Tools for Testing Security in the Computer Network and development solution for improving security in the computer network has been written for our Master Degree in Computer Network Engineering at

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Online attacks continue to grow in their complexity and they impact different industries in different ways. A need to check and track the activity of cyber terrors and attackers through threat management is therefore required. The concept of unified threat management (UTM)

Issues in Computer Network Engineering:-Analysis of Quality of Service (QoS), IPV6, Internet Control Message Protocol and Next Generation Network
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This assignment is described about the contemporary issues in computer networking like Quality of Service, IPV6, Next Generation Networking and cloud computing and some key topics in latest computer networking. This is an important assignment for me to learn and

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Using modern technology dense works currently trigonometrical control network , offers several advantages, because data collection methods and respectively their processing systems. The work explores the possibility of GPS vector processing, register with the

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