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Java Table Browser : Transportation and Presentation of Large Statistical Tables Over Network
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Tables are a convenient way to represent complex relationships across statistical data by using an organized and compact tabular form. To present tables through web pages, HTML is currently considered the most popular technique. The HTML provides language

Neo Browser : Java Based Web Browser for Mobile Phones
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This paper presents a design and development of a web browser for J2ME enabled devices especially mobile phones. The paper gives a basic overview of the current stage in web browsing and the progress achieved and future advancements in our project we are looking

The PRAXIS Prototype, a Browser / Java Applet Client-Server System
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Introduction PARXIS Requirements PRAXIS Design Remote Database Access Experience Gained Future Work What is

Analyzing Information Flow in Java based Browser Extensions
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JavaScript-based browser extensions (JSEs) enhance the core functionality of web browsers by improving their look and feel, and are widely available for commodity browsers. To enable a rich set of functionalities, browsers typically execute JSEs with elevated

A Refactoring Code Browser For Java Final Report
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This paper presents a framework for refactoring Java code. A refactoring is an operation which modifies code to improve its design without affecting the meaning of the program. The framework presented is designed to be integrated into a particular development