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Lire: lucene image retrieval: an extensible java cbir library
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ABSTRACT LIRe (Lucene Image Retrieval) is a light weight open source Java library for content based image retrieval. It provides common and state of the art global image features and offers means for indexing and retrieval. Due to the fact that it is based on a light weight

SPMF: a Java open-source pattern mining library
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We present SPMF, an open-source data mining library offering implementations of more than 55 data mining algorithms. SPMF is a cross-platform library implemented in Java , specialized for discovering patterns in transaction and sequence databases such as

LibRec: A Java Library for Recommender Systems.
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The large array of recommendation algorithms proposed over the years brings a challenge in reproducing and comparing their performance. This paper introduces an open-source Java library that implements a suite of state-of-the-art algorithms as well as a series of

Encog: library of interchangeable machine learning models for Java and C#.
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This paper introduces the Encog library for Java and C#, a scalable, adaptable, multiplatform machine learning framework that was first released in 2008. Encog allows a variety of machine learning models to be applied to data sets using regression

ASM 3.0 A Java bytecode engineering library
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Redistribution and use in source (LYX format) and compiled forms (LATEX, PDF, PostScript, HTML, RTF, etc), with or without modification, are per- mitted provided that the following conditions are met 1. Redistributions of source code (LYX format) must retain the above copy- right

Java Simulation Library (JSL): An open-source object-oriented library for discrete-event simulation in Java
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This paper describes the design and functionality of an open-source objectoriented library for executing discrete-event simulation models in the Java programming language. The structure of the library is described in terms of its packages, class structure, and

Parallel Java Library
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The Parallel Java 2 Library (PJ2) is an API and middleware for parallel programming in 100% Java on multicore parallel computers, cluster parallel computers, and hybrid multicore cluster parallel computers. In addition, PJ2 supports programming GPU accelerated parallel

Extracting library -based java applications
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Although the use of prepackaged libraries containing reduced functionality such as J2ME is an important step in the right direction, more advanced techniques are often needed to meet stringent space requirements. Application extraction techniques reduce code size by

Java constraint library : bringing constraints technology on the Internet using the Java language
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Distributed problem solving on the web is becoming more and more important. Client server architectures are often confronted with server overload. The process of browsing a large number of alternative solutions is particularly tedious. In this paper, we present s

JSAT: Java statistical analysis tool, a library for machine learning
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Abstract Java Statistical Analysis Tool (JSAT) is a Machine Learning library written in pure Java . It works to fill a void in the Java ecosystem for a general purpose library that is relatively high performance and flexible, which is not adequately fulfilled by Weka (Hall et

Enhancement of discontinuities in seismic 3-D images using a Java estimation library
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Seismic images are difficult to interpret. The nature of the seismic experiment and the ever present sedimentary layering of the subsurface result in oscillatory and complex 3-D seismic images In principle, computer programs can enhance geologically significant image

Extensible java EE-based agent framework and its application on distributed library catalogues.
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The paper presents the new agent framework XJAF and its application on distributed library catalogues. The framework is based on the Java EE technology and uses the concept of the plug-ins for implementation of the basic framework components. One important plug-in of the

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Problem of Java language usage of dataparallel programs using the SPMD model of parallel execution is disscused in the paper. The sequential components of par allel program are executed in parallel on distinct JavaVMs running on processors of the parallel

Ucigame, a java library for games
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Ucigame (pronounced OO-see-GAH-me) is a Java package that supports the programming of 2D sprite-based computer games. Designed for novice programmers, it enables students in an introductory class to write computer games that have animated sprites, music and

Developing genetic algorithm library using Java for CFG induction
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Grammar Induction is the process of learning grammar from training data of the positive (S+) and negative (S-) strings of the language. The paper discusses the approach to develop a library for inducing the context free grammar using Genetic Algorithms. Genetic Algorithm

Object-Oriented Constraint Programming in Java Using the Library firstcs.
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This tutorial shows how to use the object-oriented Java constraint programming library firstcs to solve constraint problems. Beyond the architecture of the system and the supported constraints, this presentation focuses on the implementation of new constraints, the

ASimJava: a Java -based library for distributed simulation
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The paper describes the design, performance and applications of ASimJava, a Java -based library for distributed simulation of large networks. The important issues associated with the implementation of parallel and distributed simulation are discussed. The focus is on the

JINDY: A java library to support invokedynamic.
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Java 7 has included the new invoke dynamic opcode in the Java virtual machine. This new instruction allows the user to define method linkage at runtime. Once the link is established, the virtual machine performs its common optimizations, providing better runtime

Towards a Library of Parallel Graph Algorithms in Java
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Despite the wide availability of multi-core processors and the popularity of Java , there is currently no library for parallel graph algorithms in Java available. Such a library would enable all Java programmers, especially those who work on the verification of programs and

The Java Data Mining Package-A Data Processing Library for Java .
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Data analysis has become an important task in numerous fields of science as well as in business applications. A number of tools exist for this purpose, some of them specialized for a single task, such as the classification libraries LibSVM or LibLinear, but also general



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