MANET Mobile Ad hoc Network-2020

A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes that act as both routers and hosts in an ad hoc wireless network and that dynamically self-organize in a wireless network without using any pre-established infrastructure. Nodes typically transmit in broadcast messages that reach only nearby nodes.

A Survey of Attacker Identification and Security Schemes in MANET
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Security has become a crucial issue between the mobile nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Network ( MANET ). MANET is usually a lot of liable to physical security attacks and threats than the fixed-cable networks. The inherent characteristics of MANET like wireless medium, highly

Reputation Based Routing in MANET using Blockchain
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One of the core issues in routing packets within Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) is the lack of trust and reputation of the participating nodes, which often leads to unreliable packet delivery. We use a fraction of nodes to validate routing actions taken by other nodes and

Comparative Analysis in MANET Performance Evaluation for Routing Protocols
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Mobile Ad Hoc networks main feature is the arbitrary changeable topology which is caused mainly by the mobility of nodes and changing its location that makes routing in Mobile Ad Hoc networks a challenging task. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the performance and to

A Packet Size Based Intelligent Model for AODV in MANET
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Mobile ad-hoc networks are the networks that are established easily in a short span time period. But, at the same time, some challenges are also there for establishment and performance perspectives. Higher mobility of nodes creates a problem in secure and

Cluster Based Routing Algorithm to Enhance Energy Efficiency and Security in MANET
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Abstract An Ad-Hoc network is a multi-hop wireless network where all nodes cooperatively maintain network connectivity without a centralized infrastructure. If these nodes change their positions dynamically, it is called a mobile ad-hoc network ( MANET ). Since the network topology