Mobile monitoring air pollution


Mobile monitoring system for gaseous air pollution
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The concept of a mobile monitoring system for chemical agents control in the air is presented. The proposed system can be applied to measure industrial and car traffic air pollution . A monitoring station is relatively small and can be placed on cars or public

Air pollution monitoring tracking system using mobile sensors and analysis of data using data mining
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This study proposes air pollution monitoring system and analysis of pollution data using association rule data mining technique. Association rule data mining technique aims at finding association patterns among various parameters. In this paper, association rule

Monitoring of air pollution and atmospheric parameters using a mobile backscatter lidar system
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In this paper data obtained using a Raymetrics backscatter lidar were used in order to retrieve information related to the structure of the lower atmosphere and the evolution of air pollution in the area of Athens, Greece. This system is the result of an effort to develop a

Design of a mobile laboratory for ventilation studies and indoor air pollution monitoring
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The mobile laboratory is an attempt to utilize state-of-the-art instrumentation to develop an index of air quality in residential and commercia1 buildings such as schools, hospitals and office buildings. The basic information needed is the methodology for characterization and

Air Pollution Monitoring System Using Mobile GPRS Sensors
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This paper contains brief introduction to vehicular pollution . The proposed system consists of a transmitter and receiver part. The transmitter part is integrated single-chip microcontroller, air pollution sensors array, a General Packet Radio Service Modem (GPRSModem), and a

Assessment of Near-Source Air Pollution at a Fine Spatial Scale Utilizing a Mobile Monitoring Approach
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Page 1. Assessment of Near-Source Air Pollution at a Fine Spatial Scale Utilizing a Mobile Monitoring Approach Office of Research and Development National Risk Management Research Laboratory, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division September 13 Jonathan Steffens

Air Pollution Monitoring using Mobile Phone in Real Time
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This system includes air pollution sensor table, mobile phones Global Positioning System (GPS), single chip microcontroller, Bluetooth modem. The sensor is a measurable answering hardware tool for a change in the physical condition of air pollution . The analog

Poster: Delay E ect in Mobile Sensing System for Urban Air Pollution Monitoring
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In this paper, given the scenario of a mobile sensing system for air pollution monitoring , we aim at the cause and in uence of delay e ect on measurement and present a lter-based solution to calibrate the sensing data. We also validate the idea and solution by a real-dataAIR POLLUTION MONITORING WIre A MOBILE CO2 IASER PHOlOACOUSTIC SYSTEM PL Meyer, St. Bernegger and MW Sigrist Institute of Quantum Electronics, ETH CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerland Sunmary A mobile 002 laser-photoacoustic system which is installed in a trailer

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A national mobile lidar laboratory was developed in 1979 at the Chalmers University of Technology, which was then the base for our research activities. The laser remote sensing was recently reviewed(l), and the mobile lidar system was described in detail in a recent