Movie Success Prediction

The success prediction of a movie plays a vital role in movie industry because it involves huge investments. However, success cannot be predicted based on a particular attribute. So, we have built a model based on interesting relation between attributes.

Movie Success Prediction based on Classical and Social Factors
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Like many innovations, the movie industry has been driven by advances in technology and is mainly dependent on customer approval and response. Social media such as Twitter, YouTube, IMDb, Wikipedia, etc are major platforms where people can share their views

Movie Success Prediction using Historical and Current Data Mining
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Movie industry is a multi-billion-dollar business. Lots of movies are being released in every year. All of these movies have different budgets and different cast crew but one thing in common-all want to make profit from movies ie make a good box office record. Success of a

Movie Success Prediction Using Popularity Factor from Social Media
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Hollywood and Bollywood film industries have reached staggering heights in terms of volume of business, movies produced and its reach. With so much at stake, it is of commercial interest to develop a model to predict the success of the movie. In this paper, we

Movie Success Prediction using Data Mining
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In this project, we apply data mining technique and machine learning algorithms using R software to predict the success and failure of movie based on several attributes. In order of doing this, we will develop a methodology on the basis of historical data to reduce certain

Data Mining Approach to Analysis and Prediction of Movie Success
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55 Data Mining Approach to Analysis and Prediction of Movie Success Attributes were ranked, according to the Feature Selection Process. The weightages were calculated and assigned to each attribute according to their contribution towards the movie success prediction