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Noncoherent detection for ambient backscatter communications over OFDM signals
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Backscattering communications have been recently proposed as an effective enabling technology for massive Internet of Things (IoT) development. A novel application of backscattering, called ambient backscattering (AmBC), has been gaining much attention Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing ( OFDM ) is a candidate modulation technique to achieve high-speed data transmission in visible light communication systems that provide both illumination and downlink data transmission. This paper proposes a method called

OFDM systems design using harmonic wavelets
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Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing ( OFDM ) is a popular multi-carrier technique used in many digital communication systems such as wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), long term evolution (LTE) and power line communication systems. It can be designed using fast

Index modulation assisted DCT- OFDM with Enhanced Transceiver Design
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An index modulation (IM) assisted Discrete Cosine Transform based Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (DCT- OFDM ) with Enhanced Transmitter Design (termed as EDCT- OFDM -IM) is proposed. It amalgamates the concept of Discrete Cosine Transform assisted

Comparing f- OFDM and OFDM Performance for MIMO Systems Considering a 5G Scenario
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The advances mobile communications has seen in recent years has rendered the radio spectrum a limited and, hence, an expensive resource. Therefore, technologies that support unlicensed access to spectrum are needed. Therefore, the adoption of novel modulation

PAPR in Uplink SCMA- OFDM Systems: The Impact of Modulation Schemes and Sub-carrier Allocation
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Sparse code multiple access (SCMA) is being actively studied as a potential non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) uplink solution to handle a vast number of connections by overloading resource elements with more than one user. Given the success and continued