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Internet Banking integration within the banking system
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tion. IBM Websphere Message Queue Man- ager or JMS standard ( Java Message Service) for Java application servers DB2). Bibliography Aladwani, AM (2001), Online banking : a field study of drivers, development chal

Fraud detection in online banking using HMM
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3.1. Modules 1. Client GUI: Using AWT / Swing. This GUI shall allow the user to log in and transact online using internet banking enabled account. 2. Client Server Interaction: A module using Java Networking shall be built that will allow the client application to call Servlets

Phishing and malware attacks on online banking customers in the Netherlands: A qualitative analysis of factors leading to victimization
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During the time of the incident, all respondents were using a desktop computer or laptop for their online banking activities The other mentioned that it could be associated with a Java update he continuously declined to install

Mobile banking : Concept and potential.
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However, in Japan, the i-mode platform, based on compact hypertext markup language (cHTML) (and more recently Java ), has been the dominant platform for m- banking Substitutes Branches Telephone banking Online banking 3.1 Rivalry

Virtual banking and online business
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For Kotak Mahindra Bank in May 2015, total login to online banking was 28.2 Lakh and for mobile banking State Bank groups mo- bile banking app State Bank Freedom. The service is available on Java enabled/Android mobile phones (with or without GPRS)/i-Phones, where

Finding Security Vulnerabilities in Java Applications with Static Analysis.
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study performed by the Imperva Application De- fense Center included more than 250 Web applications from e-commerce, online banking , enterprise collabo However, in recent years, Java has emerged as the lan- guage of choice for building large complex Web-based systems

Effect of corporate social responsibility information disclosure on financial performance and firm value in banking industry listed at Indonesia stock exchange
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This study aims to analyze and explaining effect of corporate social responsibility information disclosure on financial performance and firm value in banking industry listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange. This study uses quantitative methods with positivism approach

The future of wireless banking
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HTTP XML OFX MQ DB2 JAVA C++ VB A recent study on wireless banking security uncovered the main challenge facing both wireless banking innovators and online banking establishments; nearly 85 percent of respondents are worried about online security transactions

E-service quality strategy: Achieving customer satisfaction in online banking
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CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN ONLINE BANKING DR MOHAMMED AT ALSUDAIRI Online banking offers facilities and services to the customers where as the role of IT is very dominant factor for improving the quality of services to achieve customer satisfaction

Use of mobile technology in banking services
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Windows Phone Software Development Kit BlackBerrry OS Java BlackBerry Java SDK BlackBerry JDE/Eclipse plug-in E- banking is the wave of the future The first online banking service in the United States was introduced in October 1994

On App-based Matrix Code Authentication in Online Banking .
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analysis. In the case of Android, apps are not delivered as machine code for the target architecture but as Java bytecode properties On App-based Matrix Code Authentication in Online Banking 155 Page 8. that can easily be replicated

A formal classification of internet banking attacks and vulnerabilities
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These devices are usually based on Java and software based cryptography, allowing portability between certain characteristics by sending to the user a set of characters which have to informed in order to authorize and process the transaction through the online banking system

Smart Phone as Software Token for Generating Digital Signature Code for Signing In Online Banking Transaction
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using mobile phones as software token to generate Digital Signature code in-order to digitally sign a transaction, thus ensuring authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of an online banking transaction. The application software has been designed for java supporting mobile

Banking on educational software: A wired economy unfolds
free download has been able to catalog more than 1,000 educational Java objects that of an Educational Object Economy is likely to require a form of banking as well In fact, online knowledge communities are particularly powerful in their virtually unlimited ability to

The effects of self-service web portals on online banking service quality: A theoretical model
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Portal environment composed of Grid computing, Java RMI, Strut Framework technologies provide easy to In the context of Internet Banking safety refers to security technology and customers Online safety includes protected access in terms of attack against viruses, unwanted

Mobile banking interface design, usability and trust
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ABSTRACT As a result of new technologies like WAP and Java enabled (smart)phones and fast mobile internet connections One of these new services is mobile banking But what is the influence of the design and usability in online and mobile banking interfaces on user trust

The identity metasystem: A user-centric, inclusive web authentication solution
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Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment, October 2005 Gartner Survey Shows Frequent Data Security Lapses and Increased Cyber Attacks Damage Consumer Trust in Online Commerce, June 2005 SourceID InfoCard STS Toolkit for Java , August 2005

QR Code based secure OTP distribution scheme for Authentication in Net- Banking
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Further, java application to decrypt the qr code image can be deployed as a cloud application In recent years there has been a steep increase in the number of net- banking users Hence the proposed system satisfies the high security requirements of the online users and protects

The problems with secure on-line banking
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A growing awareness of the commercial benefits of online banking have contributed to a sense of urgency among banks to deploy such Lynch, A. (1997) Secure banking a reality Article McGraw, G. Felton, EW (1998) Java Security: Hostile Applets, Holes and Andidotes



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