Ontology is the philosophical study of being. More broadly, it studies concepts that directly relate to being, in particular becoming, existence, reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations

Results of the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative 2016
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Ontology matching consists of finding correspondences between semantically related entities of different ontologies. The Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI) aims at comparing ontology matching systems on precisely defined test cases. These test cases can The horizon is a widely known word that refers to the visual geographic boundary that separates the visible parts of the Earths surface from the invisible parts and from the sky extending above the Earth. However, it sometimes also refers to a boundary between here

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Mobile applications are expected to receive context input such as location, speech, and network from different context providers. Since context can be considered as knowledge, a formal method is needed to capture this knowledge. There is less work on ontology model

Ruth Barcan Marcuss Role in the Mid-Twentieth Century Debates on Analyticity and Ontology
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Abstract Quines Two Dogmas of of Empiricismis generally seen as overturning the epistemological picture of mathematics and the sciences of Carnap. However, I wish to stress how these arguments grew out of arguments not having anything to do with large

Kantian meta- ontology
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Ralf M. Bader abstract: ThispaperdevelopsaKantianapproachtometa- ontology . It contrasts first-level and second-level construals of existence with Kants modal interpretation of existence and then identifies the problem of modal representation as the central issue of

Implementing the HERACLES Ontology
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Environmental factors, worsened by the increasing climate change impact, represent significant threats to European Cultural Heritage (CH) assets. In Europe, the huge number and diversity of CH assets, together with the different climatological sub-regions aspects, as

Modeling and Evaluation of the Mathematical Educational Ontology
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In this paper, we discuss the current stage of development of the educational mathematical ontology OntoMathEdu, firstly presented by us at INTED 2019 and CICM 2019. This ontology is intended to be used as a Linked Open Data hub for mathematical education, a linguistic

Social Ontology and the Origin of Inequality Among Humans
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In his social ontology , John Searle aims to explain what institutional facts are. Moreover, he wants to do this in such a way as to also make clear how they fit into the natural world. He argues that this requirement is met because institutional facts mainly rest on we

Towards Ontology Driven Provenance in Scientific Workflow Engine
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Most workflow engines automatically capture and provide access to their workflow provenance, which enables its users to trust and reuse scientific workflows and their data products. However, the deed of instrumenting a workflow engine to capture and query

An Evidence-Based, Contextual Approach to the Validation of Concept Alignments to Support Ontology Reuse
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Reusing ontology components can save development costs, preserves knowledge and fosters interoperability. Existing software tools for ontology reuse are based on lexical matching techniques comparing input keywords and labels of the concept and often dont

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The article deals with the metamorphoses of contemporary art caused by the development of informational-communication technologies. The authors argue that development of the Internet and microprocessor technologies change the ontology of art: the means of storing

Ontology of metrological support control to orientation in space of students with chronic diseases at the university
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Purpose. The purpose of this study is to carry out a metrological analysis of the current methodology of the test control of the ability to orient in space of students with chronic diseases at a university. Materials. To determine the authenticity of the tests used to control