Performance Evaluation of Mobile IP

Performance evaluation of AAA/ mobile IP authentication
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This document1 studies the performance of the current IETF approach to authenticating mobile nodes by means of an integrated Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) infrastructure. The report first describes the procedures and message formats of the

Performance evaluation of TCP over mobile IP
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The aim of this paper is to study the effects of Triangle Routing and Mobile IP handoffs on TCP Performance . The majority of Internet hosts today do not comply with the considerations for routing optimisation. This means that until the wide deployment of next generation

Performance Evaluation of Mobile IP on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Ns2
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Mobile computing devices equipped with transceivers form Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) when two or more of these devices find themselves within transmission range. MANETs are stand-alone (no existing infrastructure needed), autonomous networks that

Performance evaluation of TCP/ IP protocol for mobile ad hoc network.
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Transmission control protocol (TCP) is a transport protocol designed specifically for wired Internet. In wireless ad hoc network, changes in topology can occur frequently and unpredictably which leads to packet loss and delay. TCP misinterprets that condition as

Design and Performance Evaluation of an Improved Mobile IP Protocol
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Page 1. Design and Performance Evaluation of an Improved Mobile IP Protocol

Performance Evaluation of Optimized Mobile IP Protocol Vis-à-vis Bit Map Indexing Method
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Mobile IP is such a protocol that provides the mobility support in the Internet. However, even with some proposed optimization techniques, there are still some drawbacks in regard to improve its performance . In this paper, a novel bit map indexing scheme has been

Implementation and performance evaluation of route optimization in mobile IP
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With the convergence of two technological developments, wireless communication and compact computer devices, mobility support in networks is more desirable than ever. IETF provides two approaches to support the mobility in the current Internet infrastructure. They

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Streaming multimedia over wireless networks is a challenging task. Extensive research has been carried out to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted multimedia transmission to a Mobile Host (MH) over wireless media. The current research thrust is to ensure an uninterrupted

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