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in medical Image processing to predict the type of diseases ,in satellite images for predicting weather forecast ,availability of water or mineral etc. Image Processing , Optimization and analysis is a wide open area for research .

Image processing based approach to cancer cell prediction in blood samples
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Acute leukemia is a disease of the leukocytes and their precursors. It is characterized by the appearance of immature, abnormal cells in the bone marrow and peripheral blood and frequently in the liver, spleen, lymph nodes, and other parenchymatous organs. The paper

Prediction of lung cancer using image processing techniques: a review
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Prediction of lung cancer is most challenging problem due to structure of cancer cell, where most of the cells are overlapped each other. The image processing techniques are mostly used for prediction of lung cancer and also for early detection and treatment to prevent the

Prediction of cloudiness in short time periods using techniques of remote sensing and image processing
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In this work we introduce a methodology which enables to predict the cloudiness in the short and medium termanywhere in the world. Satellite images (Meteosat of Second Generation) are used in combination with images from a sky camera (fisheye lens), showing a ground

Plant disease prediction using image processing techniques-a review
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Agriculture has become much more than simply a means to feed ever growing populations. It is very important where in more than 70% population depends on agriculture in India. That means it feeds great number of people. The plant diseases effect the humans directly or

IVUS image processing and semantic analysis for Cardiovascular Diseases risk prediction
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The work presented in this paper is part of a system able to perform risk classification of patients based on medical image analysis and on the semantically structured information of patient data from medical records and biochemical data. More specifically, the paper

Prediction of Rainfall using Image processing
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Water is elixir of life. So rainfall becomes the inevitable part of every nation which decides the prosperity and economic scenario of a country. In this fast moving world, estimation of rainfall has become a necessity especially when the global heat levels are soaring. The

Identification of Mango Leaf Disease and Control Prediction using Image Processing and Neural Network
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This proposed system has used the K-means clustering technique for the segmentation purpose and the Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) technique for the classification of the mango leaf disease. This system has been tested with the different numbers of test

A Review of various Face Prediction Models using Image Processing
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Out of all body parts face is one of the most important part of body by which everyone can show its emotions, feelings etc. Most of the humans can easily predict a persons current age just by gazing their faces. Facial recognition is a part of biometric software application which

Automated System for Prediction of Skin Disease using Image Processing and Machine Learning
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Dermatology is one of the major field of prescription which is worried about the analysis and treatment of skin disorders. Skin diseases are among the most widely recognized medical issues around the world. Regardless of being common, their determination is quite

Porosity prediction of hollow fiber membrane incorporating neural network and digital image processing
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The porosity of Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM) is one of the main factors to evaluate the membrane performance in a special application. The study aims to introduce a novel and convenient method to calculate the overall porosity of the membrane. The artificial neural

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Agriculture planning plays a significant growth and food security of an agro-based country like India. In this Review we present a comprehensive and critical survey on current challenges and methodologies applied for various image processing and Machine learning

Medicine Image Processing Prediction Based on Tree Structure Memory Cell Neural Network
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The information on the rhythm, intensity and frequency of the human respiratory signal can largely reflect the pathological changes of the human respiratory organs. Therefore, monitoring the human respiratory condition has great medical significance. However

Rainfall Prediction Model based on Radar Image Analysis Processing .
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The radar image represents the intensity of the rainfall measured at the observatory by the image pixel color value. It is the goal of this paper to find that the radar image values at a given point calculate the rainfall at a given time. Correlation analysis between radar images

Neutron Image Segmentation: Morphological Processing , Prediction of Fluid Flows inside Opaque Metallic Systems
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During the last years a static Neutron Radiography facility has been designed and installed around one of the horizontal neutron beam channels of the Es-Salam research reactor (Algeria). In order to extend the field of application of Neutron Radiography, several

Application of Digital Image Processing to Chemical Component Prediction
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The purpose of this paper was to discuss the possibility of predicting chemical components of stones in urinary system with digital image processing technique. The paper adopts the method of scanning and analysing multiple stones with a diameter of more than 15mm in

Prediction of Soil Degree of Saturation Using Digital Image Processing
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Visual inspection of soils usually can differentiate between wet soils and dry soils, but even approximate value of the degree of saturation cannot be predicted from this visual inspection. Image processing is a very useful tool that can utilize digital images which can

Performance Prediction of Parallel Low-level Image Processing Operations
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An analytical performance prediction method is presented for predicting the performance of transputer based low-level image processing operations. The method is based on the fixed- sized speedup formula and uses a system overhead function to represent the

Sugar Beet Yield Prediction by Means of Image Processing
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Yield monitoring by means of weighing sensors are highly affected by vibrations during the movement of the vehicle in the field. External materials such as clods and residues are weighed as well. The main objective of this study was to investigate the possibility to

Skin cancer detection and stage prediction using image processing techniques
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Skin cancer is one of the perilous forms of cancer that most recently occurred in preceding and in recent years as well. Early detection of skin cancer is curable and it eliminates the cost that is spent on the advanced treatment. Skin cancer mainly occurs due to exposure to

Prediction of Soil pH using Smartphone based Digital Image Processing and Prediction Algorithm
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Soil pH is one of the major factors to be considered before doing any cultivation. Farmers always tested their soil pH either in soil pH laboratory, soil pH color chart or sometimes with the help of an expert. But these methods need time, labor and expertness. In this paper, a

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