quantum computer algorithm

a quantum algorithm is an algorithm which runs on a realistic model of quantum computation, the most commonly used model being the quantum circuit model of computation

Generalization and partial demonstration of an entanglement based deutsch-jozsa like algorithm using a 5-qubit quantum computer
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Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm is one of the first examples of quantum algorithm which is exponentially faster than any possible deterministic classical algorithm that solves the same problem. A special case of Deutsch-Jozsa problem is Deutsch problem ; given that a The authors aim is to present how to construct circuits, built of known quantum gates, solving some decision making problems. A decision making algorithm shows how to solve a binary problem with use of quantum computer by constructing quantum operators

Simulation of Grovers Algorithm Quantum Search in a Classical Computer
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The rapid progress of computer science has been accompanied by a corresponding evolution of computation, from classical computation to quantum computation. As quantum computing is on its way to becoming an established discipline of computing science, much

Fast algorithm for efficient simulation of quantum algorithm gates on classical computer
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The general approach for quantum algorithm simulation on classical computer is introduced. Efficient fast algorithm for simulation of Grovers quantum search algorithm in unsorted database is presented. Comparison with common quantum algorithm simulation approach is

A Quantum Based Algorithm for Computer Network Routing
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The aim of this study, is to design and implement a quantum algorithm for network routing by exploiting the massive parallelism existing in the quantum environment and to deal with the demands of continuous growing of the internet. This algorithm is compared according to the

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The estimates of the algorithm of the simultaneously perturbation stochastic approximation (SPSA) are critical against the requirement of the simultaneous generation of a large amount of a random value realization that have to be independent from each other, that is a hard

Implementation of the Deutsch-Josza Algorithm on an ion-trap quantum computer
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Page 1. Implementation of the Deutsch- Josza Algorithm on an ion-trap quantum computer Przemyslaw Kotara HU Berlin (Ger) Tijl Schmelzer U Ghent (Be) S. Gulde et Al. Page 2. Outline Theory: Problem/Motivation The algorithm Quantum Circuit Deutsch algorithm

algorithm to solve and extended Deutsch problem with an implementation on an NMR quantum computer (Analytical Study of Quantum Information and Related
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Quantum computation is arapidly growing field of research. Aquantum computer uses aset of tw0-state systems as quantum bits (qubits), and executes acomputation by asequence ofunitary transformations on them; the desired useful information is extracted by

Simulation of the statical and dynamical noise on Grovers search algorithm implemented in a Ising nuclear spin chain quantum computer
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We consider Grovers quantum search algorithm on a model quantum computer implemented on a chain of four nuclear spins with first and second neighbor Ising interactions. Noise is introduced into the system in terms of random fluctuations of the

An extention of Grovers quantum search algorithm (Foundations of Computer Science)
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Quantum computers and their algorithm are now widely studied. We consider the prob-lem of making a superposition with an arbitrarilyspecified amplitudes. By modifying Grovers quantum search algorithm , we show that this can be done in time $ O (\sqrt {N}) $ with two

Fast Algorithm and HW Design for Efficient Intelligent Computation of Main Quantum Algorithm Fuzzy Operators on Classical Computer . Part
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The general approach for quantum algorithm (QA) simulation on classical computer is introduced. Efficient fast algorithm and corresponding SW for simulation of Grovers quantum search algorithm (QSA) in large unsorted database and fuzzy simulation is presented

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