Robotics and automation in construction [Guest Editors]
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RD fields in the robotics and automation community. Nevertheless, the construction industry is one of the oldest and largest economic sectors. The construction industrys contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) in industrialized countries is about 7-10

From the guest editors- Robotics in education: new platforms and environments
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This is the second of two special issues on robotics in education. Robotics projects provide an opportunity to directly interact with technology and design and implement the variety of concepts that they embrace. Seymour Papert termed this style of learning

Teaching robotics everywhere
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The Robotics Education Workshoptook place in connection with the 2005 Robotics Systems and Science (RSS) symposiumat the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 11 June

Humanoid Robotics [TC Spotlight]
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Humanoid robotics is an emerging and challenging research field that has received significant attention during the past years and will continue to play a central role in robotics research and many applications of the 21st century. Regardless of the application area, one

Cloud networked robotics
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This paper proposes a new field of research called Cloud Networked Robotics , which tackles the issues for supporting daily activity, especially for the elderly and the disabled, throughout various locations in a continuously and seamless manner by abstracting robotic

Introduction to robotics : Mechanics and control
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I have found Craigs book to be an excellently written robotics textbook. I have actually used it in an introductory graduate course in robotics where I was previously using Richard Pauls Robot Manipulators. Overall, I have found the text to be outstanding. The material is

Special issue on medical robotics
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The term Bmedical robotics [has often been construed to refer strictly to surgical procedures. However, due to its accuracy, repeatability, and indefatigability, robotic technology is increasingly affecting the entire healthcare sector through advances in diagnosis F actory automation is widely recog-nized as an important element for remaining competitive in the manufacturing sector of the world economy. Advances in automation not only increase productivity and reduce costs but also increase the manufacturers ability to quickly modify

A new distributed real-time controller for robotics applications
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This paper describes a dual board real time distributed control module based on the Transputers. The CPU board providcs fast external memory, support for the four 10 MHz serial Transputer links including two fiber optic links, and an I/O expansion

Special Issue on Evolutionary and Developmental Robotics [Guest Editorial]
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The fourth paper, by Sayama, pres- ents a great example of how self-orga- nizing and self-repairing robotic swarms can be achieved by making use of local interactions. Simple kinetic rules are employed to design spatio-temporal patterns without a centralized control. These patterns are

The Impact of Robotics and Automation on Working Conditions and Employment [Ethical, Legal, and Societal Issues]
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we like to think that the fruits of our research robots that are faster, more efficient, more agile, and more intelligent can only benefit humanity. While this is certainly true for exploratory or

Robotics applications based on merged physical and virtual reality
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In this paper, we are focusing on various industry-related aspects and new possibilities of virtual environmentbased benchmarking. A brief introduction to augmented virtual reality simulators is given, focusing on the basic concepts and features that make these well suited

from the guest editors-rescue robotics special issue
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Robots have saved humans from disaster in science fiction literature and films long before their existence was even practical. As a result, the field of robotics is expected to provide effective solutions to human disaster response. Investigations at the Kobe earthquake, in

ECHORD-The new face of academia-industry collaboration in European robotics [Industrial Activities]
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European Clearing House for Open Robotics Develop- ment (ECHORD) is an FP7-funded European project, which started in January 2009, and is aimed at strengthening cooperation between academia and industry in robotics . There has been a long history of outstanding research and development

Reinforcement learning for humanoid robotics
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Reinforcement learning offers one of the most general framework to take traditional robotics towards true autonomy and versatility. However, applying reinforcement learning to high dimensional movement systems like humanoid robots remains an unsolved problem. In this

The 2012 ieee robotics automation society safety, security, and rescue robotics summer school: An event for the dissemination of the challenges and best-in
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difference in first-response situations. More than a purely academic exercise, the Summer School pushed the boundaries in response robotics through collaboration among a selected group of 58 students, first responders, researchers, representatives of manufacturers, and

Regional [The European Robotics Research Network (EURON) started in 1999]
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Future and Emerging Technologies Fifth Framework Program (FP-5) with the purpose of bringing together the best groups and resources in research, industry, and education in Europe and for demonstrating Europes world class position in robotics . EURON II was

The Eighth Argentine Robotics Workshop
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Communication Resources. He dis- cussed practical issues regarding distrib- uted processing and control for remote operation of UGVs under poor commu- nication conditions. After this lecture, six teams from different universities from Argentina drew the attention of the public during

A new Journal in our family: the Robotics and Automation Letters [Society News]
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Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) launched a new periodical, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA- Letters). The first issue is slated for publication in January 2016. The primary goal of RA-Letters is to join other journals and conferences in serving the RAS membership and the

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