A software system consists of several separate computer programs and associated configuration files, documentation, etc., that operate together. The concept is used in the study of large and complex software, because it focuses on the major components of software and their interactions.

A Quality Software System Designed for Mental Disease Treatment through Artistic Painting
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Mental illness belongs to emotional disease. Medication and psychotherapy have good effectiveness but cannot last long due to side effects of drugs and resistance of patients respectively. The study found that artistic paintings supply treatment of mental illness:(1)

Introduction to the Minitrack on Designing Digitally Responsible System , Software and Services Engineering
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Vince Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee recently stated, The Internet is a disaster. What did they mean by this While there are physical layer problems, these are infrequent, resolvable, and, in our opinion, not part of this disaster. They are also not referring to the IETF and

Software -based methods for Operating system dependability
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Guaranteeing correct system behaviour in modern computer systems has become essential, in particular for safety-critical computer-based systems. However all modern systems are susceptible to transient faults that can disrupt the intended operation and function of such

FirePerf: FPGA-Accelerated Full- System Hardware/ Software Performance Profiling and Co-Design
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Achieving high-performance when developing specialized hardware/ software systems requires understanding and improving not only core compute kernels, but also intricate and elusive system -level bottlenecks. Profiling these bottlenecks requires both high-fidelity