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Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment (i.e. video games) and educational purposes (i.e. medical or military training).

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design of low cost Virtual Reality Classroom
development of virtual flight simulator for military
5G Technology for Virtual Reality in Education
smart glass VR





VR in Military. The military in the UK and the US have both adopted the use of virtual reality in their training as it allows them to undertake a huge range of simulations.
VR in Sport. VR in Mental Health. VR in Medical Training. VR in Education. VR in Fashion.

Virtual Reality creates an artificial environment with software. The artificial environment gets presented to the audiences in a way which encourages them to accept and believe it as a real environment. VR technology creates primary experience focusing on two senses, i.e., vision and sound.

Virtual reality (VR) makes use of computer technology to create interactive virtual experiences viewed through a headset. Users are placed ‘inside’ a simulated world potentially giving a greater sense of immersion than is experienced through a ‘traditional’ flat screen.

Virtual reality change the way interaction with computers are made and it has the potential of being the most powerful experience delivering media, as it is connected with the concept of reality. The promise of virtual reality has captured our imagination; networks will render it accessible.

Application of VR

The most common use of VR in the military is that of training by simulation . The use of vehicle simulators is well-known in the field, as it proves to be safer and, although expensive to install, more cost-effective than real training. Flight simulation is done by either providing the user sets of computer monitors to resemble a airplane view, or actually inserting the user in an simulation cockpit

The addition of VR devices are becoming more common throughout the years. The major video-gaming companies of today have already entered in the motion control market. Movie theaters and televisions have stereoscopic technologies as well. And smartphones are capable of giving haptic feedback to users.


The Virtual City

Imagine a virtual city complete with private spaces or domiciles, parks, stores, entertainment centers. As much as a grand social experiment, it also is a far reaching graphical user interface (GUI) for electronic home shopping and entertainment.

Recently we have seen a shift of focus in using the Internet from often inappropriate human- computer interactivity to human-human interaction, based on collaborative learning concepts like learner autonomy and tandem learning. The renewed discussion of interface

Virtual reality applications in the UKs construction industry
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A survey has been conducted to investigate the use of Virtual Reality and its applications within the construction industry in the UK. It surveyed the general perception of the new technology and its potential in improving design and construction processes as seen by

Virtual reality applications in Australian minerals industry
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Virtual Reality (VR) is a continuously evolving new computer technology, which allows users to interact with computers in a new way. VR provides great opportunities for the minerals industry and is described by Aukstakalnis and Blatner1 as a way for humans to visualize

Ten steps to developing virtual reality applications for engineering education
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Work has been conducted in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan for several years to develop a series of virtual reality (VR) based computer modules for use in undergraduate engineering education. The goals of this work have been

Distributed virtual reality : Applications for education, entertainment and industry
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The promise of virtual reality has captured our imagination; networks will render it accessible. There can be little doubt that networked immersion environments, cyberspace, artificial or virtual reality or whatever you want to call it will evolve into one of the greatest This paper presents an overview of the uses of virtual reality in education. It draws particularly on three projects, the West Denton High School in Newcastle, the Human- Computer Interface Technology Laboratorys summer school in Seattle and the ShepardTo develop a usable Virtual Reality system, the prospective context of use of such a system need to be considered in order to make sure it meets the requirements and restrictions of that context. In this paper, a contextual analysis is described for a virtual reality system to

Increasing reality in virtual reality applications through physical and behavioural simulation
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This tutorial aims to present new trends, methods and applications related with the interaction of agents and objects present in a Virtual Reality (VR) Environment. In the first part of this tutorial we will discuss about the introduction of interaction based on physics

Presence in those with and without sight: Audio description and its potential for virtual reality applications
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Louise Fryer1 and Jonathan Freeman1 presence is affected by deficits in cognition and perception. it is thought to be associated with a preference for the visual domain, but has been not been extensively studied in those without sight. audio description (ad) is a verbal

Virtual reality applications for patients with schizophrenia
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Virtual reality (VR) is the technology that can be used to design and build various applications . This technology consists of human-computer interactions that are used to present multimodal information and sense the virtual world, as well as the hardware and

From toys to brain: Virtual reality applications in neuroscience
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While many virtual reality (VR) applications have emerged in the areas of entertainment, education, military training, physical rehabilitation, and medicine, only recently have some research projects begun to test the possibility of using virtual environments (VEs) for

Volumetric model repair for virtual reality applications
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Abstract Repairing Virtual Reality (VR) models is a challenge for productive applications . This paper describes a fast implementation of Nooruddin and Turks ray-stabbing method 14 based on standard graphics hardware. Raystabbing is used to convert a polygonal model

Realism in Virtual Reality applications for Cultural Heritage.
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Since its conception, Virtual Reality has sought maximum realism because it attempts to replace the world through the simulation of our perception of it. Supposedly being an exact and objective replica of reality it is regarded as having scientific value. This idea has been

Virtual reality applications with user interface for dynamic content development
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This work presents a methodology for the development of dynamic virtual reality applications for commercial use. Through a combination of state of the art technologies and methods, thee-dimensional representations of the real world (stores, buildings, etc) result in being

Human factors consideration in clinical applications of virtual reality
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Virtual reality environments have many potential applications in medicine, including surgical training, tele-operated robotic surgery, assessment and rehabilitation of behavioural and neurological disorders and diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of physical disabilities

An interface for virtual reality applications
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We present an input device for virtual reality (VR), which also has applications in tremor and respiration sensing in medicine. Moreover, we introduce an environmental presence sensor that can be used in a virtual joystick. The joystick senses and tracks the position ofWe propose a methodology to design and evaluate environmental sounds for virtual environments. We propose to combine physically modeled sound events with recorded soundscapes. Physical models are used to provide feedback to users actions, while We began working on virtual reality in the first years of the twenty-first century, but that was not our first glimpse of it. As we grew up, we watched virtual reality through the eyes of laymen as it stepped out of science fiction and into everyday life. It has become a fascinating

Knowledge Management for Virtual Reality Applications in a Home Rehabilitation Virtual Network.
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This paper describes the reference architecture to support a multi-user virtual healthcare network that enables rehabilitation and social reintegration of people with disabilities. The network, based on a virtual collaborative environment supported by the www, includes

Managing Commodity Computer Cluster Oriented for Virtual Reality Applications
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Virtual Reality (VR) applications have been powered traditionally by high-end graphics workstations or supercomputers. But recently, clusters of commodity computers (PCs, Macintoshes, low cost workstations) have become a practical alternative. The advantages of

A gaze-controlled interface to virtual reality applications for motor-and speech-impaired users
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This project aims to overcome the access barriers to virtual worlds for motor-and speech- impaired users by building a gaze-controlled interface for Second Life that will enable them to interact with the virtual world by just moving their eyes. We have conducted a study to

Visualizing Transport Futures: the potential of integrating procedural 3d modelling and traffic micro-simulation in Virtual Reality applications
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ABSTRACT 1 In this paper we elaborate on potential use cases of Virtual Reality (VR) in transportation research 2 and planning and present how we integrated procedural 3D modelling and traffic micro-simulation 3 with the rendering capabilities of a game engine in a

Encima: A graphics engine for the development of multimedia and virtual reality applications
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This work presents the features of a flexible realtime 3D graphics engine aimed at the development of multimedia applications and collaborative virtual environments. The engine, called EnCIMA (Engine for Collaborative and Immersive Multimedia Applications ), enables a

Smooth head tracking for virtual reality applications
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In this work, we propose a new head-tracking solution for human machine real-time interaction with virtual 3D environments. This solution leverages RGBD data to compute virtual camera pose according to the movements of the users head. The process starts with

Cutting edge developments in psychology: virtual reality applications . Interview with two leading experts
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Virtual reality (VR) has captured the attention of professionals in the filed of psychology as a highly promising method/tool in the assessment and management of various psychological problems (eg, anxiety, pain, ADHD). The International Institute for the Advanced Studies ofDuring last five years several attempts to develop the speech interface to especially simulation applications emerged due to the recent improvements in speech and language technology and the complexity of those applications interfaces. We describe our approach

Development of virtual reality applications for the construction industry using the Oculus RiftTM head mounted display
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3D visuals are a fundamental part of virtual reality that we often take for granted. Yet when we simulate 3D we often neglect to accurately reproduce the basic concept of depth perception. This document discusses possible applications for stereoscopic head mounted

Methodology for designing virtual reality applications
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This paper suggests a new virtual reality environment creation methodology, using game development IDEs as a platform. The methodology is based on previous experience with regular and virtual reality programming as well as on a compilation of other methodologies

Simulation models for virtual reality applications
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The paper describes some simulation models used to implement virtual reality applications addressing the presentation of the architecture of VR systems, VR applications in different fields, including medicine, an introduction to simulation techniques and a set of

Vr-guide: A specific user role for asymmetric virtual reality setups in distributed virtual reality applications
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This paper focuses on multi-user virtual environments for collaborative tasks, that offer not all participants the same level of immersion and control over the virtual environment (VE). We propose a definition for a certain role within such an asymmetric setup aVR-Guide. In this

Virtual reality : applications to eating disorders
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In the last twenty years researchers have embraced virtual reality (VR) in order to integrate and extend the assessment tools and treatments currently in use for eating disorders (EDs). Specifically the VR protocols for EDs try to exploit clinically the sense of presence, that is

Photo-Realistic Scene Generation for PC-Based Real-Time Outdoor Virtual Reality Applications
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In this study we developed a 3D Virtual Reality application to render real-time photo-realistic outdoor scenes by using present-day mid-class PCs. High quality textures are used for photo-realism. Crowds in the virtual environment are successfully animated. Ability of

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The virtual reconstruction of the archaeological landscape is a very complex process including in a virtual ecosystem many kinds of data, activities, according to a multidisciplinary approach. This system of relations, interactions and behaviors assumes

Unifying Data Structures for Virtual Reality Applications
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In the past few years, Virtual Reality Systems (VRS) have been used as an approach for the development of effective training systems. The CyberMed is a free software system that offers libraries for the development of simulation applications for medical teaching and

3D interaction techniques in virtual reality applications for engineering education
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This article is an overview of 3D interaction techniques with virtual objects, perception of virtual objects and some aspects about hardware devices, software and technologies used in Virtual Reality Applications for Engineering Education. The solution presented uses open Facing global challenges, a qualified education in remote sensing technologies needs to start in school to sensitise teachers and thus young people for ecological issues and develop their technological skills. Remote sensing is part of the STEM (Science

Virtual reality applications as design validation support for AR exploration
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The scope of this paper is to describe how Virtual Reality can be an important support instrument for Automation and Robotics exploration systems design, development, validation, test phases and operations. Thales Alenia Space Italia is provided with a facility

Three applications of virtual reality for brain injury rehabilitation of daily tasks
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Part of the process of rehabilitation after a brain injury is the relearning of various daily tasks such as preparing food, managing finances, getting from one place to another and so forth. These tasks require learning on all levels from physical to cognitive. Remembering a PIN

Investigating virtual reality headset applications in construction
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Virtual Reality (VR) or immersive environment can provide enriching experiences to users by simulating real world environments. The popularity of VR headsets has recently been on the rise primarily in the gaming market, however VR applications are being adapted for use

A step-wise zoom technique for exploring image-based virtual reality applications
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Existing image-based virtual reality applications allow users to view image-based 3D virtual environment in a more interactive manner. User could walkthrough ; looks left, right, up and down and even zoom into objects in these virtual worlds of images. However what the user