virtual routing topology


A multiobjective approach of the virtual topology design and routing problem in WDM networks
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We deal with the classical virtual topology design and routing problems in optical WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) networks. We propose a multiobjective based algorithm to compute the Pareto set of solutions of the problem. Although the computational cost may

Routing and admission control of virtual circuits in general topology networks
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Abstract Emerging high speed Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks (B-ISDN) are expected to carry tra c for services like video-on-demand and video teleconferencing which will require resource reservation along the path on which the tra c is sent. As a result

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Handling traffic dynamics so as to avoid network congestion and subsequent service disruptions is one in all the key tasks performed by up to date network management systems. Given the easy however rigid routing and forwarding functionalities in IP base

Traffic Dynamics in Virtual Routing Multi Topology System
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Providing a better performance is the key in IP network systems. An Adaptive Multipath Routing (AMR) system is introduced to handle the unpredicted traffic dynamics. The proposed system consists of Weight Computation component that sets the link weights and

A Topology -aware Reliable Routing Protocol for Internet Security in Virtual Private Network
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ABSTRACT Most of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) suffers from security related and overhead problems. During the inter domain routing , the conventional protocols require each gateway to resend its routing table periodically to all its neighbors thus increasing the

Efficient Adaptive Loose Virtual Clustering Based Routing For Power Heterogeneous MANETs Using Local Geographical Topology
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Power heterogeneity is common in mobile ad hoc networks. There are increasing interests and use of mobile ad hoc networks with the fast progress of computing techniques and wireless networking techniques. Mobile network consists of devices with heterogeneous