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A Qualitative Analysis to Evaluate Key Characteristics of Web Mining based e-Commerce Applications
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E-Commerce applications are playing vital role by providing competitive advantage over business peers. It is important to get interesting patterns from e-commerce transactions to analyze customer experience, customer likelihood. For this, web mining based e-commerce

Web Mining Algorithms
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Web is collection of inter related files on one or more web servers. Mining literally means the operations involved in digging for hidden treasures. Similarly data mining is used for the operations involved in digging out critical information from within an organization stored data

A Review on Predicting User Behaviour through Session Using Web Mining
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Web usage mining is driving examination zone in Web Mining worried about the web clients behavior. Weblog mining is one of the ongoing regions of research in Data mining . Web Usage Mining turns into an imperative perspective in the present time because the amount

An Efficient Algorithm for Data Pre-Processing and Personalization in Web Usage Mining
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With the huge amount of data in web , web mining is the process to extract useful data from web . Web usage mining is the type of web mining to retrieve data from web in form of logs, and it is also called web log mining . Web log mining extract useful pattern or information

The Analysis Of Web Server Logs With Web Mining Methods
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While surfing on a website, all the actions taken by the visitors are actually recorded on web server in the error and access files. In process of time, the files recording all the access and error entries are deleted by the people who are the management of web servers by reason

Detection of online spread of terrorism using web data mining
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Terrorist growth has increased in certain parts of the world. Terrorist groups use Facebook, WhatsApp, messages to spread their information on the social network. It is essential to detect terrorism and prevent its spreading before a certain time. The basic idea of this project

Application of Web Usage Mining for Administration and Improvement of Online Counseling Website
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The successful website must take care of issues related to user satisfaction and security of website. This may be in terms of easiness of user access to contents of website or quick traversal through the website. Website administrator concerns about security and integrity of

Extracting Multimedia Information and Knowledge Discovery using Web Mining : Challenges and Research Directions
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ABSTRACT World Wide Web is an arrangement of interlinked hypertext records that are pervaded through the Internet. Internet browsers facilitate simple access to various sources of text content and multimedia effectively. Today billions of pages are indexed via various

PM4Py Web Services: Easy Development, Integration and Deployment of Process Mining Features in any Application Stack
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In recent years, process mining emerged as a set of techniques to analyze process data, supported by different open-source and commercial solutions. Process mining tools aim to discover process models from the data, perform conformance checking, predict the future

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Lately, there is a rapid increase in the demand of CC-Cloud Computing. Companies offering cloud services have are now endowed with new enhancement in their list of services which includes: WB- Web Mining and DM-Data Mining taking into consideration variety of available Searching the Web has become a natural process of our day-to-day life. Even a non- technical person with very little technical knowledge searches the Web by virtue of owning a cell phone handset with Internet connectivity. Mining the data follows as a part of the

A Novel Technique Using Multiple K-Shingling Based Weighted Dissimilarity Score for Web Content Outlier Mining
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The technological evolution of Internet and Web along with several applications leads to the problem of redundancy as the documents are unanimously forwarded and are stored in several servers and platforms. Recently, not only duplicate documents but also near

A preliminary study on estimating word imageability labels using Web image data mining
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Through many applications, Natural Language Processing (NLP) became ubiquitous in daily life; whether it is machine translation, personal assistants, search engines, or recommendation engines, NLP is a key element in many multimedia applications. However

An Analysis of Web User Behavior using Hybrid Algorithm based on Sequential Pattern Mining
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An Organization need to understand their customers behavior, preferences and future needs which depend upon past behavior. Web Usage Mining is an active research topic in which customers session clustering is done to understand the customers activities. It

Mining Web Usage to Generate Regression GUI Tests Automatically
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Software systems tend to exceed expectations regarding their lifespan. During their time, evolution and maintenance might be needed, and regression testing must be performed to ensure behaviour is preserved. Gathering information from execution traces, when a

Using Twitter and Web News Mining to Predict Suicide Probability
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Aims: As a social network, Twitter is a micro-blogging platform considered by researchers due to its useful applications. Web News Mining is one of the most significant tools in social sciences. The present study was conducted aiming at using web news mining of news and

Web Mining Techniques
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Web Mining is a part of Data Mining . Web Mining can also be referred as web data mining . In todays web world, millions of information are added to the web every day. Informations already added are either deleted or modified due to current needs. This information is

Analysis: Web Personalization association Via Web Mining
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The increase in information resources on the World Wide Web permits users to search out the data they have and navigate through multiple sites on the Net, because the WWW is a vast repository that is growing exponentially. Users typically unable to succeed in the

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The main purpose of the Semantic Web Mining is driving the evolution of the current Web by allowing users to use it to its full potential, thus allowing them to find, share, and combine information more easily. A major issue for Semantic Web Mining is inability to predict the

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