web security 2020


Web security is important to keeping hackers and cyber-thieves from accessing sensitive information. Without a proactive security strategy, businesses risk the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, networks, and other IT infrastructures.

injection and authentication flaws, XSS, insecure direct object references, security misconfiguration, sensitive data exposure, a lack of function-level authorization, CSRF, insecure components, and unfiltered redirects.

A Novel Method to Detect and Prevent SQLIA Using Ontology to Cloud Web Security
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Many modern day web applications deal with huge amount of secured and high impact data. As a result security plays a major role in web application development. The security of any web application focuses on data the application handles. The web application framework

A literature survey of security indicators in web browsers
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The web browser security indicators are one of the main tools helping users to identify fraudulent (eg, phishing) websites. The research in detection of phishing websites focuses predominantly on automated solutions for blocking potentially harmful websites and only

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The co-evolution of broadband networks and intelligent information system development ushers present golden days of web service. However, cyber attackers find loopholes easily for security threats under the web service environment. Detection of web service attacks

Lecture Notes on Web Security : Application Model Same-Origin Policy
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So far we have studied two very general types of security policies: safety and information flow. We have done so without referring to specific types of systems that are in common use, and for the most part without describing concrete vulnerabilities that these policies are

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ABSTRACT Nowadays, Cloud Computing and Web services are the main backbone of e- government applications because of its interoperability and accessibility nature. Web services that are maintained in Cloud brought much attention in research and industry in

Dirty Clicks: A Study of the Usability and Security Implications of Click-related Behaviors on the Web
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ABSTRACT Web pages have evolved into very complex dynamic applications, which are often very opaque and difficult for non-experts to un- derstand. At the same time, security researchers push for more transparent web applications, which can help users in taking impor- tant

Web Application Security Principles
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This project is a research about software development security principles in web applications. Security vulnerabilities of web applications are researched and discussed in detail. The work examines existing security principles for application development and

Towards Web Application Security by Automated Code Correction
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Web applications are commonly used to provide access to the services and resources offered by companies. However, they are known to contain vulnerabilities in their source code, which, when exploited, can cause serious damage to organizations, such as the theft

Security Evaluation on Amazon Web Services REST API Authentication Protocol Signature Version 4
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The Signature Version 4 protocol is used in Amazon Web Services to sign API requests, providing data integrity, verification of the requesting user, and protection against reuse of the signed portions of requests. In this research we evaluated the security of this protocol by

Web Apps Security 2019: Analysis of Malware Samples and Code Injections Vulnerabilities in Tanzania Cyber Space
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Malware are spread in many ways, the most common method that makes them spread worldwide is drive-by downloads these are downloads that occur without a users consent while visiting infected websites, opening malicious email attachments or clicking phishing links on the internet

A Fuzzy Multi-Objective Covering-based Security Quantification Model for Mitigating Risk of Web based Medical Image Processing System
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Medical image processing is one of the most active research areas and has big impact on the health sector. With the arrival of intelligent processes, web based medical image processing has become simple and errorless. Web based application is now used