wireless mobile communication

wireless system provides a fixed or portable endpoint with access to a distributed network, a mobile system offers all of the resources of that distributed network to something that can go anywhere, barring any issues with local reception or technical area coverage.

Mobile communication system may be defined as a communication system that allows people to communicate without utilizing any physical link, disregarding, location, time, and distance.

The different types of mobile communication systems are a mobile two-way radio, public land radio, mobile telephone and amateur (HAM) radio. Mobile two-way radios are one-to-many communication systems that operate in half-duplex mode

Different Types of Wireless Communication

Satellite Communication.
Infrared Communication.
Broadcast Radio.
Microwave Communication.
Mobile Communication Systems.
Bluetooth Technology

A look into the future of wireless mobile communication technologies
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The number of wireless mobile communication service subscribers reached 4.6 billion worldwide in 200 and mobile revenues are expected to be over US $1 trillion around according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). A significant number of

Virtual antenna arrays for future wireless mobile communication systems
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A novel approach extending the possible applicability of recently emerged space time codes was introduced. It was suggested to let spatially adjacent mobile stations (MSs) co-operate with each other leading to diversity and coding gains. By means of analysis, these mobilesThus, this paper is focused on the specification of future generations of wireless mobile communication networks. Wireless mobile communication networks have been experienced three generations of change. The first generation (1G) wireless mobile communication network Mutual authentication and session key exchange protocols based on certificates for the wireless mobile communication /computing system are proposed. First, two improved versions for the conventional certificate-based systems are proposed, and an offlineAs the use of optical wireless communication (OWC) in industrial production environments is gaining interest, it is necessary to consider the applications challenging requirements with respect to reliability and low latency. In this paper, we first analyze the factors limiting

Wireless mobile communicationa study of 3G technology
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Third Generation (3G) mobile devices and services will transform wireless communications in to on-line, real-time connectivity. 3G wireless technology will allow an The Second International ICST Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare MobiHealth took place on the island of Kos, Greece, during October 5 2011. MobiHealth was held in parallel with the 10th International Workshop on A method of integrating user authentication with anonymity and untraceability is presented based on the secret-key certificate and the algebraic structure of error-correcting codes. Authentication protocol proposed here provides a means for the authentication server to W-CDMA, selected as the access technique for the third generation system, has many advanced algorithms for high performance. Tight and fast power control is one of the most important aspects of W-CDMA, in particular on the uplink. We propose a new adaptive step To provide secure communication for mobile devices, an authenticated key agreement protocol is an important primitive for establishing session keys. However, most existing authenticated key agreement protocols are not designed for wireless mobile communication We describe a technique for the high-speed transmission of data in wireless personal communications which we denote as multicode modulation. In this technique, the high-rate bit transmitted data is serial to parallel converted into low-rate bit streams in a similar fashion

An enhanced authenticated key agreement protocol for wireless mobile communication
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With the rapid progress of wireless mobile communication the authenticated key agreement protocol has attracted an increasing amount of attention. However, due to the limitations of bandwidth and storage of the mobile devices, most of the existing authenticated key

A comprehensive study and performance comparison of M-ary modulation schemes for an efficient wireless mobile communication system
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Wireless communications has become one of the fastest growing areas in our modern life and creates enormous impact on nearly every feature of our daily life. In this paper, the performance of M-ary modulations schemes (MPSK, MQAM, MFSK) based wireless The present volume includes the articles presented during the Third International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare, Mobihealth, that took place in Paris (France) during November 21 2 2012. We received a total of 66 proposals. After a A low-complexity multi-stage pipeline turbo-code encoder and decoder architecture for wireless mobile communication applications is presented. The VLSI decoder architecture presented in this paper avoids complex operations such as exponent and logarithmic

Path loss prediction of wireless mobile communication for urban areas of Imo state, south-east region of Nigeria at 910 MHz
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This paper provides an extension of path loss prediction in urban city of Imo State of Nigeria with a measured set of propagation at 910 MHz band. This paper work discusses and implements Okumura, Hata, cost-23 walfisch-Ikegami model, Sagami-Kuboi Model even A communication network architecture for smart grid based on broadband wireless communication technology, such as 3G, LTE, LTE-Advanced and etc., is proposed in this paper. As the emergency communication has critical requirement of wireless communication

Comparative analysis of optimization techniques for optimizing the radio network parameters of next generation wireless mobile communication
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One of the primary aims of Optimization is to hunt the best entity from the available set of choice without explicitly assessing them. A new design, efficient outcome and cost effective solution is the outcome of optimization. Radio network planning is the basic seed required Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is the predominant multiple access technology for future generation wireless systems. The performance of CDMA based wireless systems is largely based on the characteristics of user specific spreading codes. The objective of this

Intra-channel interference avoidance with the OGFDM boosts channel capacity of future wireless mobile communication
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Abstract The Orthogonal Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (OGFDM) with Intra- Channel Interference Avoidance (ICIA) approach is, for the first time, proposed, explored and evaluated. Since the interference manipulation currently represents a hot topic for ICT (information and communication technology) industry has emerged as one of the major sources of world energy consumption. In fact ICT industry ranks among the top energy consumers, with 2% to 10% energy consumption in the world, which is expected to get more In this paper, we propose three hierarchical location management strategies for wireless mobile communication systems. The first one is home server first (HSF) scheme in which callees location is queried at callees home location server first. Next, we propose least

Research and implement of embedded wireless mobile communication system
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In order to reduce hardware cost of embedded wireless mobile communication system and improve developing efficiency of embedded network protocol, the embedded wireless mobile communication terminal based on 8-bit basic MCU was proposed. Furthermore

Application scenarios of nautical Ad-hoc network in wireless mobile communication under maritime environment
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In terrestrial communications, high data rate transmission can be achieved by splitting the coverage area into small cells through base stations and reusing the resource efficiently. However, the geographical features of maritime communications require the long

3D multi‐band antenna with ETS process technology covering LTE/WCDMA/ISM band operations in a smart wrist wearable wireless mobile communication
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An internal etching for three‐dimensional structures (ETS) antenna capable of operating in the 810 960, 1370 1450 and 1710 2630 MHz bands, respectively, for long‐term evolution (LTE)/wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA)/2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and This paper presents the measured and analyzed radio channel characteristics found in macro-cellular outdoor environments for the 700 MHz band. The path characteristics at 700MHz seem to be similar to those found at 900MHz, but cant be truly predicted without The MobiHealth Conference was the 7th in a series of scientific events bringing together expertise from medical, technological, design, and even from social domains. MobiHealth 201 which took place in Vienna, Austria, during November 14 1

A new secure authenticated key agreement scheme for wireless ( mobile ) communication in an EHR system using cryptography
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In the modern era where the cut throat competition is going on, the rapid growth of the internet and the revolutionary shift of traditional communication methods by the internet services or group communication methods becomes paramount important. The other side of

Developing smart cities through optimal wireless mobile network
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Abstract Wireless mobile communication has become the interconnecting technological platform through which seamless services of data, voice and other value added services can be deployed within local, national and global platforms. As a means to integrating smart

An overview of energy-efficiency techniques for mobile communication systems
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This document provides a concise overview of energy consumption of wireless mobile communication devices and systems on a number of abstraction layers: the hardware, the communication protocol layer, and the system architecture as a whole are considered. In addition,

Disaster prevention information system based on wireless / mobile communication networks
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Due to the rapid increase of human population, lots of fragile hillslopes near to the populous counties and cities lead to the high occurrence probability of natural disasters. When the heavy rainfalls or typhoons occur, many counties are unavoidable to suffer the debris-flow This paper describes a wireless mobile communication system which employs a high gain electronically steered array antenna connected to a Most wireless mobile communication systems offer some form of portable communication device powered by intemal batteries. The It is indicated that TD-SCDMA and TDLTE(A) have opened a sustainable utilization era of TDD and smart antenna technologies in the wireless mobile communication . This In this section, the commercialization of TDD wireless mobile communication systems is introduced.

Cryptanalysis of Parks Authentication Protocol in Wireless Mobile Communication Systems.
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In 200 C. Park proposed an authentication protocol to provide user anonymity and untraceability in wireless mobile communication systems. The real user identities are hidden and randomized by means of error-correcting codes. In this work, it is shown that Parks

Future generations of mobile communication networks
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In this paper we have discussed the existing and future wireless mobile communication generations. Edge will contribute to a bright future for 3G and onwards generations, a vision shared by major analyst and industry groups. Satellite network will be used from 6G mobile

Wireless Mobile CommunicationA Study of 4G Technology
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Mobile communication is one of the hottest areas and it is developing extremely fast in present times with advanced techniques emerging in all the fields of mobile and wireless communications. The exponential growth of user demands, the limitations of the Third With the completion of the first release (Rel-15) of the 3GPP fifth-generation (5G) NR specifications [ 2], the research community should now direct its focus towards the next step in the evolution of wireless mobile communication . Similar to earlier generations, it can be

LMS and RLS Algorithms for smart antennas in a W-CDMA mobile communication environment
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Wireless mobile communication systems will be more sophisticated and wide spread in future. This growth demands not only for capacity but also high quality of service and better coverage without increase in radio frequency spectrum allocated for mobile applications. Wireless Nowadays, Heart related diseases are on the rise. Cardiac arrest is quoted as the major contributor to sudden and unexpected death rate in the modern stress filled lifestyle around the globe. A system that warns the person about the onset of the disease earlier automatically

A Hybrid Resource Allocation Strategy with Queuing in Wireless Mobile Communication Networks.
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The main objective of third and future wireless mobile communication networks is to provide services efficiently to the mobile users in all environments. In wireless mobile Communication the channel allocation and quality of service are the major factors and Many specific questions must be answered before any consistent, dependable and scientific conclusions can be drawn for the biological effects and safety of wireless mobile communication systems. Nevertheless, available data do not suggest any immediate cause for concern

Key Enabling Technologies of 5G Wireless Mobile Communication
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Abstract 5G (fifth generation) is more reliable at a very low cost and provides 10 times more capacity than other generations. Some of the countries namely India, South Korea, San Marino, China have conducted experiments for the implantation of 5G. 5G WirelessSince from the last few years research technology will open a new era in mobile communication systems, the technology goes soft and simple for the people to use multiple functions with a single smart device. One of the best examples is the wireless mobile

Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Mobile Communication [J]
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Recently, a new class of methods called cooperative diversity has been proposed, which can be used in cell network, ad hoc network and etc. It enables single antenna mobiles in a multi-user environment to share their antennas and generate a virtual multi-antenna

Measuring comparative efficiencies and merger impacts of wireless communication companies
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The purpose of this study is to benchmark the wireless mobile communication service providers in the USA for the relative efficiencies of assets and expenses in conjunction with revenues. In addition, the impact of merger activities on the efficiencies will be investigated. Adaptive modulation with varying data rate is an attractive scheme to increase the transmission data rate for mobile radio communications. The radio link adaptation (LA) algorithm is an important issue for such a system; however a theoretical analysis of LAIn this paper we have discussed the existing and future wireless mobile communication generations. Edge will contribute to a bright future for 3G and onwards generations, a vision shared by major analyst and industry groups. Satellite network will be used from 6G mobile

A Study on Materials and Development of Wireless Mobile Communication
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In modern society, the need for rapid information exchange is increased continuously. As a result, the telecom industry has grown rapidly to more than double size of the global automotive market and has a major impact on the global economy. With the rapidFourth generation (4G) mobile communications should not focus only on the data-rate increase and new air interface. 4G mobile should instead converge the advanced wireless mobile communications and high-speed wireless access system into an open wireless architecture (

Security and Privacy enforced wireless mobile communication using PI-MAKA protocol design
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The fast development of mobile networks and compact mobile devices bring attention to the users for wireless mobile communication . But providing security and protecting the privacy of users are the main challenges of wireless mobile communication . Recently, Authenticated In this paper, practical evaluation of power control technique to combat multipath fading in wireless mobile communications is performed using computer simulation. Practical aspects of power control considered in this paper cover the effect of power update step size and the

An intelligent fire alert system using wireless mobile communication
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The system has come to light through the way of inspiration to develop a compact system, based on the fundamental ideas of safety, security and control. Once this system is installed to operation specifying temperature and smoke threshold, in case of any emergency In this paper, a future wireless mobile communication generation 6G is discussed, which satisfies the user requirements on achieving high data speed without any interruption. The propose architecture integrates 5G with satellite network for developing the global coverage of

A hybrid channel assignment approach using an efficient evolutionary strategy in wireless mobile networks
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In wireless mobile communication systems, radio spectrum is a limited resource. However, efficient use of available channels has been shown to improve the system capacity. The role of a channel assignment scheme is to allocate channels to cells or mobiles in such a way as Then, base on previous research and finding, a probable ROF architecture for present and future wireless mobile communication is portrayed. Along this, challenges and development issues of ROF technology are presented as well.

Experimental studies and simulations based prediction of a better MIMO-OFDM combined system for broadband wireless mobile communication
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Wireless technology offers new found freedom and the potential foranytime, anyplace communications. Communication technology requires being sustainable in the sense of efficiency, not only to preserve the information within the quality requirements, but also to

Wireless mobile communications at the start of the 21st century
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In addition to wireless mobile communication technologies, many other wireless and wireline technologies exist that will complement and compete with wireless mobile technology. Some of the major alternative wireless technologies include fixed wireless, broadband wireless In the previous works on the traditional Doppler diversity algorithms, it is always assumed that the channel state information is perfect known at the receiver. However, this is not the case in real world. Hence, a novel Doppler diversity technique based on pilot-aided channel

Challenges and Opportunities of Wireless Mobile Communication in India-A Study
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The wireless mobile communication markets are witnessing unprecedented growth fueled by an information explosion and a technology revolution. Mobile communication system add and important capability to our communication society. There are several standardized wired

Optical wireless mobile communication
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The article substantiates the need to switch to wireless channels of the optical range for communication with mobile objects. The relevance of the topic is due to the growing need to increase the speed of information transfer. This is due to the introduction of unmanned