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Interventional radiology robot for CT and MRI guided percutaneous interventions
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N Hungr, C Fouard, A Robert, I Bricault , Image Computing and , 2011 ,Springer
This paper introduces a new patient-mounted CT and MRI guided interventional radiology
robot for percutaneous needle interventions. The 5 DOF robot uses ultrasonic motors and
pneumatics to position the needle and then insert it progressively. The needle position 

 An exploratory open-label, non-randomised, single centre methodology study to compare dynamic contrast enhanced CT and MRI as markers of changes in
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Introduction: Dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) imaging with MRI or CT allows functional assessment
of tumour vascularity and is used to evaluate response to anti-vascular and anti-angiogenic targeted
agents. While DCE-MRI has the advantages of multi-planar data acquisition, lack of 

 Interactive 3D navigation system for image-guided surgery
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HH Tran, K Matsumiya, K Masamune , International Journal of , 2009 ,wiki.slicer.org
 The volume ray-casting method directly processes the volume data (CT, MRI, US  for assisting
surgical procedures to achieve minimally invasive surgery using MRI and other  His research
interests are in biomedical instrumentation, simulation of biomedical phenomena, computer 

 Biomedical Instrumentation
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HAO SU ,users.wpi.edu
Biomedical Instrumentation BME 523 (Fall 2009) Final Project Report  Acquire MR images some
days before the surgery • Placement of the fiducials under local anesthetic • Perform CT and MRI
registration and surgical planning in software • Non-sterile registration. 

 Registration of PET and MR Images of Human Brain using Normalized Cross Correlation Algorithm and Spatial Transformation Techniques
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 RR Weichselbaum, and CT Chen, Accurate 3- dimensional registration of CT, PET, and or  A.
Santos, J. Ruiz- Cabello, and F. del Pozo, MRI visualization of  and teaching interests include
Human AnatomyPhysiology, Medical Physics, Biomedical Instrumentation, Bio-signal 

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CNSTS Marks ,gurgaon.dronacharya.info
 and charged particles with matter. 6 Study of Various imaging modalities (X rays, CT, MRI, PET)
Texts:  10. Hospital visit for various imaging modalities(X ray,CT,MRI and PET) Note: Ten
experiments are to be performed selecting any seven experiments from the above list. 

 Staffing Metrics: A Case Study
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T Cohen  Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology, 2011 ,aami.org
 Page 3. 323 Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology July/August 2011 Columns and
Departments  $10 million OR 45: Hybrid cath lab/OR $2 million New MRI 1.5 T, 1 refurb MRI $2
million 2 new CT scanners, 1 refurb CT scanner $3 million 2 DR X-ray rooms $1 million 

 Investigating the Temporal Evolution of the Cerebral Hemodynamic Response Using Diffuse Optical Tomography
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AM Siegel ,2004 ,nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
 of viscosity) CPAP Constant Positive Airway Pressure CPV Cerebral Plasma Volume CSF
Cerebrospinal Fluid CT Computed (X-ray  Endothelium-Derived Relaxing Factor EEG
Electroencephalogram EMI Electromagnetic Interference EPI Echo-Planar Imaging (MRI) etCO2 

  , reconstruction and animation in forensic: individual and real 3D data based geo-metric approach including optical body/object surface and radiological CT/MRI 
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MJ Thali, M Braun, U Buck ,J Forensic , 2005 ,library-resources.cqu.edu.au
ABSTRACT: Until today, most of the documentation of forensic relevant medical findings is
limited to traditional 2D photography, 2D conventional radiographs, sketches and verbal
description. There are still some limitations of the classic documentation in forensic 

 Assessment of the extent of metastases of gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors using whole-body PET, CT, MRI, PET/CT and PET/MRI
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MD Seemann, G Meisetschlaeger, J Gaa ,European journal of , 2006 ,ww.daignet.de
Abstract Objective: To assess the diagnostic value of wholebody positron emission
tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and the
fusion of PET and CT (PET/CT) and PET and MRI (PET/MRI) in the detection of metastatic 

 Anatomical evaluation of CT-MRI combined femoral model
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YS Lee, JK Seon, VI Shin ,Biomedical engineering , 2008 ,biomedcentral.com
Abstract Background: Both CT and MRI are complementary to each other in that CT can
produce a distinct contour of bones, and MRI can show the shape of both ligaments and
bones. It will be ideal to build a CT-MRI combined model to take advantage of .