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the process of backing up, refers to the copying into an archive file of computer data that is already in secondary storage—so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event

TLFS: High performance tape library file system for data backup and archive
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A tape library is seldom considered as a viable place for constructing a file system for a sequential write/read device. Storage virtualization technology has become a buzzword in technology circles lately, in this paper we propose a tape library file system, called TLFS

Network Tuning and Monitoring for Disaster Recovery Data Backup and Retrieval
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Every institution is faced with the challenge of setting up a system that can enable backup of large amounts of critical administrative data. This data should be rapidly retrieved in the event of a disaster. For serving the above Disaster Recovery (DR) purpose, institutions have

An adaptive chunking method for personal data backup and sharing
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Data de-duplication techniques are widely employed for data backup in enterprise environments where they minimize network and storage overhead by detecting and eliminating redundancy among data blocks. Chunking is the most important step which

Who Moved My Data A Backup Tracking System for Dynamic Workstation Environments.
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Periodic data backup is a system administration requirement that has changed as wireless machines have altered the fundamental structure of networks The Reasons for Backups There are many reasons why data backup is a crucial requirement for virtually every organization

Enterprise Data Backup Recovery: A Generic Approach
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Even with the onset of 21st century there is no single backup and recovery tool available which can be used irrespective of type of Database Management System and the platform on which it is functioning. Enterprises are now days using n (multiple) heterogeneous data

Online Remote Data Backup for iSCSI-Based Storage Systems.
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Data reliability is critical to many data sensitive applications, especially to the emerging storage over the network. In this paper, we have proposed a method to perform remote online data backup to improve reliability for iSCSI based networked storage systems. The

Current trends in data storage backup and restoration
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Backups consume a lot of network bandwidth Backups consume a lot of tape media Takes a long time to verify backup data Backup window shrinking is an issue x Does not address Helps address Fully addresses x Does not address

Efficient and safe data backup with arrow
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We describe Arrow, an efficient, safe data backup system for computer networks. Arrow employs techniques of delta compression (or deduplication) to achieve efficient storage and bandwidth utilization, and collision-resistant hashing and error-correction coding to protect

Mathematical Model of Data Backup and Recovery
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The data backup and data recovery are well established disciplines within the computer science already. Despite this fact, however, there is currently no sufficiently general mathematical model for quantification of backup strategies. In this paper, such mathematical

System Design for Mobile Phone Data Backup
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This study briefly looked into how mobile phones work. It then considered the design of the system (graphical user interface, the application and the database) used for mobile phone data backup . This system backs up mobile phone and Subscribers Identification Module

Proposition of a model of data backup in XML format
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The data backup implicates the choice of formats that assure accessibility and integrity of information. Facing to these numerous data saving formats, XML is one of the simplest and most promising approaches to guarantee the perpetuity and the integrity of data. In this

SysProp: A Web-based Data Backup , Synchronization and System Administration
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From the inception of computer based computing, preventing data loss or data corruption is considered as one of the difficult challenges. In early days, data reliability had been increased by replicating data in multiple disks, which were attached with the same system

A smart WSN gateway with automatic data backup mechanism for large-scale monitoring in greenhouse
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To efficiently monitor large-scale greenhouses, gateways in monitoring systems are designed to manage sensor nodes in different subareas of a sensing field in order to acquire real-time sensing data. It is a challenge to maintain the whole monitoring system in the large

Backup Metadata As Data: DPC-Tolerance to Commodity File System
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YEOM 806 ways to prevent permanent data loss caused by this type of corruption. They involve me- tadata replication [11, 12], integrity checker [13, 14], disk scan-based recovery tool [15, 16], and data backup . Each of them

Data Backup Options
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All computer users, from home users to professional information security officers, should back up the critical data they have on their desktops, laptops, servers, and even mobile devices to protect it from loss or corruption. Saving just one backup file may not be enough

Information Technology for Data Backup and Recovery
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At the present stage of development of society and information systems increasingly important role it occupies part of the program which is due to various reasons, it may be lost. In different conditions and environments, Backup systems will vary with its architectural

Data Backup and Recovery Techniques in Cloud Computing
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In earlier days, large amount of data is generated in electronic format, to maintain this data there is need of data recovery services. To provide these services in this paper we introduce seed block algorithm which we used for remote smart data backup . There are two objective

Data Backup and Recovery Options
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One of the most fundamental elements of any disaster recovery plan is data backup and recovery. If an IT staff lacks the ability to recover lost data following an incident or disaster, redundant hardware or hot sites are of only limited value. Relatively few years ago, planning

Data Backup for Mobile Nodes: a Cooperative Middleware and an Experimentation Platform
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Page 1. DSN WADS, June 2009 Data Backup for Mobile Nodes : a Cooperative Middleware and an Experimentation Platform Marc-OlivierPage 2. DSN WADS

Security and Privacy of Data In Multi Cloud with Data Backup and Data Recovery Service
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Cloud computing is important in IT industry. Cloud service has a widespread acceptance but the fear pertaining to security and privacy of these services still continue to be an open challenge. While talking about cloud security there are many aspects which one needs to

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