data mining research papers 2012-102

A Smart Hybrid Data Mining Technique for Improving Classification Accuracy in Complex Data Sets
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T Nandhini, NK Sakthivel ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract Enterprise Data Mining applications, such as Mining Public Service data and
Telecom Fraudulent activities, inevitably involve complex data sources, particularly multiple
large scale, distributed, and heterogeneous data sources embedding information about 

 Application of CANAL Data Mining Technique in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Oral Drug Delivery System Analysis
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S Sasikumar ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract In drug administration, an oral drug (Eg: tablet or capsule) is very much effective
and reliable for system effects. In order to formulate orally fast disintegrating tablet (FDT),
Different formulation of same oral dosage is considered for the comparative dissolution 

 Data Mining Techniques for Automatic Recognition of Carnatic Raga Swaram Notes
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K Priya, RG Ramani, SG Jacob ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT Data Mining is a powerful technology nowadays to discover and analyze large
data sets. It has its applications in various fields of Arts, Science and Engineering. One such
field is Music. Music is a form of arts which comes under fine arts category. It may be 

Scalable mining of common routes in mobile communication network traffic data
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O Görnerup ,Pervasive Computing, 2012 ,Springer
 Keywords: Cellular networks, mobility, data mining, location privacy. 1 Introduction  Nature
Physics 6(10), 818–823 (2010) 26. Yavas, G., et al.: A data mining approach for location
prediction in mobile envi- ronments. Data Knowl. Eng. 54, 121–146 (2005)

 Data mining brain regions with neuroimaging databases
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HM Sigurðsson ,2012 ,
Abstract This thesis presents methods of automatic meta-analysis of neuroimaging articles
that report brain region coordinates. Two lists were gathered, a list of brain regions and a list
of cognitive terms. 1.646 articles were downloaded and the coordinates in them were 

 Application of the data mining methodology for short-term forecasting of power systems operating conditions
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V Kurbatsky, N Tomin ,E-Conference Proceed, 2012 ,
Abstract: The key condition for reliable work of electric power systems is the presence of
efficient system forecasting of state variables (load flows, power flow, voltage magnitude,
etc.). Development of the state-oftheart technique for robust forecasting of behavior of 

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M Paulraj, P Sivaprakasam ,2012
 Recently, for instance, it is frequently declared in relation with Data Warehouses (DW) and
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP). Another current tendency is to connect DS with Data Mining.
A data warehouse sustains a copy of data from the resource operation systems. 

 Mining Educational Data to Improve Students’ Performance: A Case Study
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MMA Tair, AM El-Halees ,International Journal of Information, 2012 ,
 Mohammed M. Abu Tair, Alaa M. El-Halees Faculty of Information Technology Islamic University
of Gaza Gaza, Palestine ABSTRACT Educational data mining concerns with developing methods
for discovering knowledge from data that come from educational domain. 

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N Firdausi, NA Wessiani, B Santosa , PENDEKATAN DATA MINING , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Financial distress is a stage of decline in a company’s financial condition prior to
the bankruptcy or liquidation. By knowing the condition of financial distress in an open
manufacturing company in Indonesia, it can be done a variety of bankruptcy preventive 

Wavelet methods in data mining
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P Manchanda ,AIP Conference Proceedings, 2012 ,
Data mining (knowledge discovery in data base) is comparatively new interdisciplinary field
developed by joint efforts of mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists and
engineers. There are twelve important ingredients of this field along with their applications 

 Application of data mining on evaluation of energy dissipation over low gabion-stepped weir
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Abstract: Results of a study designed to examine the behavior of gabion-stepped weirs for
energy dissipation are presented in this paper. Laboratory tests were conducted with 8
physical models consisting of 3 different porosities (38%, 40%, and 42%) and 2 slopes (1: 

Plenary talk Applying data mining, geometry, analysis and graph theory in molecular biology
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Molecular biology presents new challenges for mathematics by collecting enormous quantity
of measurement data every day in thousands of laboratories worldwide, including new
genetic sequences, DNA microarray-, mass spectrometry-, proteomics-and structural data. 

 Data mining of Arabidopsis thaliana salt-response proteins based on bioinformatics analysis
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G Meili, G Weixi, Y Xuejuan, Z Chunxi, L Fujun, L Xin ,Plant Omics, 2012 ,
264 Q96288 STO_ARATH Salt tolerance protein 265 P29510 TBA2_ARATH Tubulin alpha-
2/alpha-4 chain 266 P29511 TBA6_ARATH Tubulin alpha-6 chain 267 P29512
TBB2_ARATH Tubulin beta-2/beta-3 chain 268 P29514 TBB6_ARATH Tubulin beta-6 

 Developing a Novel and Effective Clone Detection Using Data Mining Technique
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DG Devi, M Punithavalli ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract- A code clone is a code portion that is identical or similar to another in a source
files. These code clones are called simple clones. And higher level similarities are called
structural clones. Since several techniques have been proposed to detect this simple 

 A Data Mining Approach for Compressed Medical Image Retrieval
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V Enireddy, KK Reddi ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT The digital medical images are stored in large databases for easy accessibility
and Content based image retrieval (CBIR) is used to retrieve diagnostic cases similar to the
query medical image. Image compression condense the amount of data required to 

 Applications of Data Mining Techniques in Telecom Churn Prediction
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V Umayaparvathi, K Iyakutti ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT In this competitive world, business becomes highly saturated. Especially, the
field of telecommunication faces complex challenges due to a number of vibrant competitive
service providers. Therefore it has become very difficult for them to retain existing 

 Data Mining Application for Cyber Space Users Tendency in Blog Writing: A Case Study
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FS Gharehchopogh, SR Khaze ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT Blogs are the recent emerging media which relies on information technology
and technological advance. Since the mass media in some less-developed and developing
countries are in government service and their policies are developed based on 

 Predicting, PrioritizingPlanning Enterprise System’s CSFs for Smart Factory: A Balanced Scorecard FPG-Data-Mining Scenario Approach.
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A Rashid, Z Riaz, N Khan ,planning, 2012
ABSTRACT The research proposes a planning scenario of critical success factors
(CSFs)conceptual-framework for enterprise systems (ES) of Smart aircraft factory.
Application of knowledge discovery and classification algorithms is applied to draw 

 Using Data Mining Techniques to Build a Classification Model for Predicting Employees Performance
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Abstract—Human capital is of a high concern for companies’ management where their most
interest is in hiring the highly qualified personnel which are expected to perform highly as
well. Recently, there has been a growing interest in the data mining area, where the 

 Machine Learning and Data Mining Methods for Recommender Systems and Chemical Informatics
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X Ning ,2012 ,
Abstract This thesis focuses on machine learning and data mining methods for problems
arising primarily in recommender systems and chemical informatics. Although these two
areas represent dramatically different application domains, many of the underlying 

 Machine Translation Based on Data Mining and Deductive Schemes
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SM Fakhrahmad, AR Rezapour, MH Sadreddini ,Lecture Notes in , 2012
Abstract—Machine translation (MT) is one of the most attractive fields in natural language
processing. In this paper, we propose some new ideas for designing an MT system. For this
purpose, we first introduce a grammatical rule induction method. After representing the 

 Wild Life Protection By Moving Object Data Mining-Discover with Granular Computing
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N Rawat, JS Sodhi, R Tyagi ,IJCA Proceedings on , 2012
ABSTRACT Mobility is the key in a globalized world where people, goods, data and even
ideas move in increasing speeds over increasing distances. For representing a particular
moving object in a database, examining the position of the moving object would be in 

Data transformation and semantic log purging for process mining
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Similar to data mining, data quality is crucial for process mining.  Data Mining and Knowledge
Discovery14 (2007) 3. Weijters, A., van der Aalst, WMP: Rediscovering workflow models
from event- based data using little thumb. In: ICAE, vol.

Social multimedia: highlighting opportunities for search and mining of multimedia data in social media applications
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The approach is based on the experience of building a number of successful applications that
are based on mining multimedia content analysis in social multimedia context. Keywords Social
media·Flickr·Youtube·Multimedia·HCI·Data mining· Multimedia applications·Evaluation 

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B Aprilia, NA Wessiani, B Santosa , PENDEKATAN DATA MINING, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Financial crisis is a situation that leads to a reduction of a country’s foreign
exchange reserves significantly and the local currency against foreign currency. Early
Warning System (EWS) is a model that seeks to detect the possibility of a crisis in a