data mining research papers 2012 section 9

Healthcare Scheduling by Data Mining: Literature Review and Future Directions
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This article presents a systematic literature review of the application of industrial engineering
methods in healthcare scheduling, with a focus on the role of patient behavior in scheduling.
Nine articles that used mathematical programming, data mining, genetic algorithms, and 

 A Novel Approach for Heart Disease Diagnosis using Data Mining and Fuzzy Logic
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N Bhatla, K Jyoti ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT Cardiovascular disease is a term used to describe a variety of heart diseases,
illnesses, and events that impact the heart and circulatory system. A clinician uses several
sources of data and tests to make a diagnostic impression but it is not necessary that all 

 Reservoir Characterization and Horizontal Well Placement Guidance Acquisition by Using GIS and Data Mining Methods
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B Wang ,2012
Abstract This thesis investigates to develop and apply geographic information system (GIS)
and data mining methods for reservoir characterization and horizontal well placement
guidance acquisition. Reservoir characterization is a process of quantitatively assigning 

 A Study and Enhancement of Association Rule Hiding for Privacy Preserving Data Mining
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WT Chembian, J Janet ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract The security of the large database that contains certain crucial information, it will
become a serious issue when sharing data to the network against unauthorized access.
Privacy preserving data mining is a new research trend in privacy data for data mining and 

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A Sharafi, F Elezi, F Zuber, P Wolf, H Krcmar ,Proceedings of the , 2012 ,
The automotive industry has reached a certain maturity state and is no longer characterized
by high growth rates. The market is characterized by a fierce competition, leading to new
requirements for the producers. A major trend for the industry involves increasing product 

 Ownership-preserving Data Mining: A Formal Usability Constraints Model for Watermarking of Outsourced Datasets
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Abstract The large datasets are being mined to extract hidden knowledge and patterns that
assist decision makers in making effective, efficient and timely decisions in an ever
increasing competitive world. This type of knowledge-driven data mining activity is not 

 A Survey on Web Data Mining Applications
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DS Deshpande ,IJCA Proceedings on Emerging Trends in , 2012
ABSTRACT The web has become an important medium to conduct business, communicate
ideas and entertainment. It is essential to collect data from various data sources. The
process of finding quality and useful information is tedious and a frustrating experience. 

 Optimization Technique for Maximization Problem in Evolutionary Programming of Genetic Algorithm in Data Mining
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R Karthick, S Saravanan, M VetriSelvan ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract-The optimization technique is used for the identification of some best values from
the various populations. The Evolutionary algorithm is used as a basic concept of the
Evolutionary Programming Strategy. To solve many of the numeric and combinatorial 

 Classification by Object Recognition in Satellite Images by using Data Mining
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M Shahbaz, A Guergachi, A Noreen ,Lecture Notes in , 2012
Abstract—In this paper, an approach for classification of satellite images has been
presented. Satellite images are rich in geographical information. Geographical information
can be used in a number of ways. Our purposed system does classification of satellite 

 Monsoon Onset Prediction using Data mining
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D John, BB Meshram ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
Abstract The onset of monsoon is eagerly awaited in the Indian sub-continent as it has deep
impact in the economic and social domain. It has been monitored and studied in great depth.
With the advent of satellite imagery, it’s now possible to monitor the different parameters 

 Data Mining Applied to the Improvement of Project Management
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JV Balsera, VR Montequin, FO Fernandez ,2012 ,
Most of the professional activities are developed as projects. Project management is a
complex process involving many elements interrelated and dependent on external agents
that may complicate its control. Projects, as defined by PMBOK of Project Management 

 A Data Mining Framework for Extracting Product Sales Patterns in Retail Store Transactions Using Association Rules: A Case Study
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M Afshin, S Reza ,Journal of American Science, 2012
Abstract: Widespread use of bar codes for most commercial products, the computerization of
many businesses, and the advance in data collection tools have provided us with huge
amount of retail data and data sets. This may be potentially valuable but currently 

 R and Data Mining: Examples and Case Studies1 2
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Y Zhao ,2012
This book presents examples and case studies on how to use R for data mining
applications. This chapter introduces some basic concepts and techniques for data mining,
including a data mining procedure and popular data mining techniques, such as 

 Evolving Efficient Classification Rules from Cardiotocography data through data miningmethods and techniques
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SG Jacob, RG Ramani ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract Data mining is an emerging area in the field of Modern heuristic techniques for combinatorial problems. Advanced topics in computer science
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Decision Tree and Ensemble Learning Based on Ant Colony Optimization Google Books Result Modern heuristic techniques for combinatorial problems . Faculty library sciences Series: Advanced topics in computer science series; Alternative call (PDF) Modern Heuristic Search Methods

Software Agents Michael R. Genesereth Logic Group Computer Science Department Stanford University
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The software world is one of great richness and diversity. Many thousands of software products are available to users today, providing a wide variety of information and services in a wide variety of domains. While most of these programs provide their users with significant Classical complexity theory analyzes and classifies problems by the amount of a resource, usually time or space, that is required by algorithms solving them. It was a fundamental idea, going back to the work of Hartmanis and Stearns in the early 1960s, to measure the required

The combinatorics of network reliability, International Series of Monographs on Computer Science
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This book develops combinatorial tools which are useful for reliability analysis, as demonstrated with a probabilistic network model. Basic results in combinatorial enumeration are reviewed, along with classical theorems on connectivity and cutsets. More developed

Languages and machines: an introduction to the theory of computer science
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Languages and machines : an introduction to the theory of computer . Theory of Computing 2015/2016 (FUB MSc in Computer Science ) Languages and Machines, which is intended for computer scientists in the theoretical foundations of their subject, gives a mathematically sound In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the concepts of graph transformation and graph grammars started to become of interest in picture processing and computer science . The main idea was to generalize well-known rewriting techniques from strings and trees to Parsing is the process of structuring a linear representation in accordance with a given grammar. This definition has been kept abstract on purpose to allow as wide an interpretation as possible. The linear representation may be a sentence, a computer

The Cambridge distributed computing system. International computer science series
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The Development of Component-based Information Systems Google Books Result The Cambridge Distributed Computing System is an early discontinued distributed operating system, . (International computer science series) Bibliography: p. The 100 Best Computer Science Programs in the

Logic and the challenge of computer science
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Nowadays computer science is surpassing mathematics as the primary field of logic applications, but logic is not tuned properly to the new role. In particular, classical logic is preoccupied mostly with infinite static structures whereas many objects of interest in

Computer science unplugged
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For kids ages 7 to 14: This educational 50 minute show is an action-packed, zany time exploring neat ideas in computer science . It has been performed for over 20 years in classrooms, science museums, science festivals, and at educational events. Kids, and the

The Profession of IT, Is Computer Science Science
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COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM draw on the same fundamental principles. In 1989, we used the term computing instead of computer science , mathematics, and engineering. Today, computing science, engineering, mathematics, art

Discrete mathematical structures with applications to computer science
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The objectives of the course are: To develop Professional Skills through effective communication To introduce a number of Mathematical Foundation to be serving as tools even today in the development of theoretical computer science To gain some confidence on

Bringing computational thinking to K-12: what is Involved and what is the role of the computer science education community
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When Jeanette Wing [13] launched a discussion regarding the role of computational thinking across all disciplines, she ignited a profound engagement with the core questions of what computer science is and what it might contribute to solving problems across the

Modern DC-to-DC Switchmode Power Converter Circuits (Van Nostrand Reinhold Electrical/ Computer Science and Engineering Series)
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As each area of technology with a potential for significantly impacting any major segment of the electronics industry evolves, it often is accompanied by the development of a succession of new circuits. Each new circuit indeed appears different, employing different components

Information technology research: A practical guide for computer science and informatics
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Information Technology Research: A Practical Guide for Computer

Scientific methods in computer science
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ABSTRACT This paper analyzes scientific aspects of Computer Science . First it defines science and scientific method in

Active learning and its use in computer science
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Student learning and the depth of the students knowledge increase when active learning methods are employed in the classroom. Active learning strategies are discussed in general computer science course work and as used in a theory of computation course. Difficulties

Why the high attrition rate for computer science students: some thoughts and observations
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1. Introduction At our university, there are over four hundred declared majors in Computer Science . Each semester, however, only about fifteen to twenty students graduate in this field. The freshman courses comprise overflowing multiple sections, but the upper level courses make

Form and content in computer science
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The trouble with computer science today is an obsessive concern with form instead of content. No, that is the wrong way to begin. By any previous standard the vitality of computer science is enormous; what other intellectual area ever advanced so far in twenty years

Why women avoid computer science
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COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM did these numbers drop, and why more sharply for women than for men For men, the explanation is obvious. Traditional paths to wealth like law, medicine, and business are more certain, and over the
research that
holds sway over diverse dimensions in health care exhibiting advancements in clinical
decisionmaking, malady prediction, disease prognosis and the like. This research work 

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M Shaheen, M Shahbaz, SM Ahsan ,Life Science , 2012
Abstract: The study is aimed at developing spatio temporal data mining framework for
natural resource exploration. A framework will be said as spatio temporal if it deals with
changes in space over time. The study revealed different applications of existing and 

 Identification of User Ownership in Digital Forensic using Data Mining Technique
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K Kumar, S Sofat, N Aggarwal, SK Jain ,International , 2012
ABSTRACT As existing technology used by criminal rapidly changes and growing, digital
forensics is also growing and important fields of research for current intelligence, law
enforcement and military organizations today. As huge information is stored in digital form, 

 Educational Data Mining for Improving Educational Quality
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P Gulati, A Sharma ,tell us, 2012
Abstract—This paper discusses about educational data mining and how it can be used to
improve the functional activities of business of education through students, teachers and the
way classes are arranged. Educational data mining help students, teachers and 

 Parameter Identification and Selection for Childhood Obesity Prediction Using Data Mining
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MHBM Adnan, W Husain, NA Rashid ,2012 2nd International Conference , 2012
Abstract. The accurate identification and selection of useful parameters for childhood obesity
prediction are very important. This study aims to identify childhood obesity prediction
parameters for children in Malaysia, and presents the methods used to identify and select 

 Model Integration in Data Mining: From Local to Global Decisions
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Abstract Machine Learning is a research area that provides algorithms and techniques that
are capable of learning automatically from past experience. These techniques are essential
in the area of Knowledge Discovery from Databases (KDD), whose central stage is 

 The Application of Data Mining in Telecommunication Churn Customer
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H Qin ,Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 2012 ,
Abstract: This study analyzes telecom owe churn customers. Firstly, use the technology of
OLAP to analyze the whole theme of the loss of arrears. Then, adopting cluster analysis
analyzed consumer behavior (traffic, consumption amount, owed amount) before churn of 

DAME: A Distributed Data Mining and Exploration Framework Within the Virtual Observatory
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Nowadays, many scientific areas share the same broad requirements of being able to deal
with massive and distributed datasets while, when possible, being integrated with services
and applications. In order to solve the growing gap between the incremental generation of 

 Anomalous Pattern Detection Using Context Aware Ubiquitous Data Mining
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Z ur Rehman, M Shahbaz, M Shaheen ,Life Science , 2012
Abstract—Due to the developments in technology number of applications emerged that
produce huge amount of data in the form of streams. Dealing with this and extracting useful
information from that data is a real challenge. In this paper, we have developed an 

 Bridging data mining model to the automated knowledge base of biomedical informatics
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K Kerdprasop, N Kerdprasop ,Int’l J. Bio-Science and Bio-Technology, 2012
Abstract The process of data mining comprises of seven major steps:(1) data integration,(2)
data transformation,(3) data cleaning,(4) data selection,(5) pattern extraction or knowledge
mining,(6) pattern evaluation, and (7) knowledge presentation. Steps 1 to 4 are pre-data 

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S Kundu ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract-With an explosive growth of the World Wide Web, websites are playing an important
role in providing an information and knowledge to the end users. Web usage patterns are an
important aspect to discover hidden and meaningful information. It will be big challenge in 

 A Hybrid Meta Heuristic Algorithm for Discovering Classification Rule in Data Mining
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KR Gandhi, SM Uma, M Karnan ,IJCSNS, 2012 ,
Abstract The Meta heuristics provide acceptable solutions in a reasonable time for solving
hard and complex problems in medical, science and engineering. In this paper we present a
meta heuristic based technique for mining rule over a medical data base were the use of 

 Data mining techniques for the assessment of factors contributing to the damage of residential houses in Australia
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NY Osman-Schlegel, ZA Krezel , 2011: Proceedings of , 2012 ,
This paper reports on the preparation and management processes of inconsistent data on
damage on residential houses in Victoria, Australia. There are no existing specific and fully
relevant databases readily available except for the incomplete paper-based and