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Trusted Data Sharing over Untrusted Cloud Storage Providers

Trusted Data Sharing over Untrusted Cloud Storage Provider. Gansen Zhao, Chunming Rong, Jin Li, Feng Zhang, and Yong Tang. Cloud Computing ..
Cloud computing has been acknowledged as one of the prevaling models for providing IT capacities. The off-premises computing paradigm that comes with cloud computing has incurred great concerns on the security of data, especially the integrity and confidentiality of data, as cloud service providers may have complete control on the computing infrastructure that underpins the services. This makes it difficult to share data via cloud providers where data should be confidential to the providers and only authorized users should be allowed to access the data. This work aims to construct a system for trusted data sharing through untrusted cloud providers, to address the above mentioned issue. The constructed system can imperatively impose the access control policies of data owners, preventing the cloud storage providers from unauthorized access and making illegal authorization to access the data.