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Whl~ile the design of an efficient 3-D data structure cylinders. 2 One can then perform 3-D triangulation on be of theoretical interest, its real reward resides in the the data structure for finite element preprocessing, 3> ray software speedup in geometric algorithms for solid

A multi-objective algorithm based upon particle swarm optimisation, an efficient data structure and turbulence
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Algorithm (MOA) based upon the Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO) heuristic. It utilises an order put upon members of non-dominated sets by the recent dominated tree data structure to facilitate the choosing of abestglobal individual for each member of the swarm, in order to

Prefix hash tree: An indexing data structure over distributed hash tables
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ABSTRACT Distributed Hash Tables are scalable, robust, and self-organizing peer-to-peer systems that support exact match lookups. This paper describes the design and implementation of a Prefix Hash Treea distributed data structure that enables more

The grid file: a data structure designed to support proximity queries on spatial objects
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Ahgtract We describe a technique for storing large sets of spatial objects so that proximity queries are handled effciently as part of the accessing mechanism. This technique is based on a transformation of spatial objects into points in higher-dimensional spaces and on a data

SigGraph: Brute Force Scanning of Kernel Data Structure Instances Using Graph-based Signatures.
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Brute force scanning of kernel memory images for finding kernel data structure instances is an important function in many computer security and forensics applications. Brute force scanning requires effective, robust signatures of kernel data structures. Existing approaches

Iterative language model estimation: efficient data structure algorithms
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Despite the availability of better performing techniques, most language models are trained using popular toolkits that do not support perplexity optimization. In this work, we present an efficient data structure and optimized algorithms specifically designed for iterative parameter

Feasibility of a set-theoretic data structure : a general structure based on a reconstituted definition of relation
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HAT-trie: a cache-conscious trie-based data structure for strings
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Tries are the fastest tree-based data structures for managing strings in-memory, but are space-intensive. The burst-trie is almost as fast but reduces space by collapsing trie-chains into buckets. This is not however, a cache-conscious approach and can lead to poor

The rainbow skip graph: a fault-tolerant constant-degree distributed data structure
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We present a distributed data structure , which we call the rainbow skip graph. To our knowledge, this is the first peerto-peer data structure that simultaneously achieves high fault- tolerance, constant-sized nodes, and fast update and query times for ordered data . It is a

CT-PRO: A Bottom-Up Non Recursive Frequent Itemset Mining Algorithm Using Compressed FP-Tree Data Structure .
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Frequent itemset mining (FIM) is an essential part of association rules mining. Its application for other data mining tasks has also been recognized. It has been an active research area and a large number of algorithms have been developed. In this paper, we propose another

A data structure and query algorithm for a database of areal entities
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Data structures for geographic information systems desirably should support the efficient execution of a number of query types based on spatial relationships. This paper pursues this goal by proposing a data structure for entities of typearea. The approach is based on

Density or distinction The roles of data structure and group detection methods in describing adolescent peer groups
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Despite cross-disciplinary interest in social influence among adolescent peer groups, significant variations in collecting and analyzing peer network data have not been explored, so it is difficult to disentangle substantive and methodological differences in peer influence

A spatial data structure
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p. D gital map data , line drawings, and region adjacency graphs are all inStances of Spatial data that is usually organized in a discrete structural form as opposed to the iconic form of the gray tone or color image. Snchstructural_ organizations can be derived by hand

PDS A three-dimensional data structure for proof plans
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We present a new data structure that enables to store three-dimensional proof objects in a proof development environment. The aim is to handle calculus level proofs as well as abstract proof plans together with information of their correspondences in a single structure Sets are a basic data structure in artificial intelligence. Embedding this datastructure into deductive processes based on resolution requires inventing a suitable unification algorithm (ACI-unification algorithm) respecting the particular properties of the constructor function The visibility diagram VIS (S) of a set S of line segments in the plane which dont intersect except possibly at their boundary points is a subdivision (cell complex) of a certain two- dimensional space whose points correspond to lines in the plane. This geometric object may

Cartographic objects in a multi-scale data structure
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ABSTRACT GIS need a function to draw sketches quickly and in arbitrary scales. We propose a multiscale hierarchical spatial model for cartographic data . Objects are stored with increasing detail and can be used to compose a map at a particular scale. This results

A Nearest Neighbor Data Structure for Graphics Hardware.
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Nearest neighbor search is a core computational task in database systems and throughout data analysis. It is also a major computational bottleneck, and hence an enormous body of research has been devoted to data structures and algorithms for accelerating the task

A dynamic data structure for 3-d convex hulls and 2-d nearest neighbor queries
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We present a fully dynamic randomized data structure that can answer queries about the convex hull of a set of n points in three dimensions, where insertions take O (log3 n) expected amortized time, deletions take O (log6 n) expected amortized time, and extreme

Combining theorem proving with static analysis for data structure consistency
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We describe an approach for combining theorem proving techniques with static analysis to analyze data structure consistency for programs that manipulate heterogeneous data structures. Our system uses interactive theorem proving and shape analysis to verify that