demand side management research papers

 A study of demand side management potential in South African industries
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A Hughes, MI Howells, A Trikam, AR Kenny ,Wood and wood , 2006 ,
 Demand side management is a way of reducing demand and therefore delaying the time when
new generation capacity is needed.  Management at the cement mill are highly aware of energy
costs and have implemented effective measures to reduce electrical loads at times of 

 Requirements and prospects for consumers of electrical energy regarding demand-side management
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Y Penya, P Palensky ,Proceedings of the , 2003 ,
 A number of electrical and portable heating-devices are plugged into a DSM-proxy and a  DSM
Demand Side Management CPU Central Processing Unit VD Virtual Device PCB Printed Circuit
Board EIB  Economics (IEWT) [4] J. Delport and C. Chen: Hot Water Load Control On 

 Optimizing PV use through Active Demand Side Management
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E Caamaño-Martín, D Masa , 24th European PV , 2009 ,
 possibility to operate in a grid connected or isolated mode [5]. • Demand Side Management
—defined here  consumers is increasingly viable with the use of highly efficient electrical appliances
that can be remotely controlled [6]. • Through the control of local loads, PV electricity 

 Shade trees as a demand-side resource
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EG McPherson, JR Simpson ,Home energy, 1995 ,
 Many utilities are serious about the potential of shade trees as a demand-side management  is
known regarding the influence of trees on atmospheric humidity and latent loads inside extensively 
through single walls, from Phoenix, it is based on whole- house electrical use, and 

 Implementing smart grid communications
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JG Cupp, ME Beehler ,BurnsMcDonnell Marketing , 2008 ,
 These utility WANs have served traditional applications like SCADA/EMS, distribution automation
(DA)/demand-side management (DSM) and automatic meter reading (AMR  initially, since the
bulk of the benefits of Smart Grid follow the bulk of the electrical load, while residential 

 Disconnected policy: the shaping of local energy management
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 Demand-side management in MANWEB There have been few attempts to unpack what these
new strategies may actually mean for the development of local  The power of the DSM strategy
is the simplicity of demand measures involved in the reshaping of electrical loads. 

[BOOK] Dynamic heat storage optimisation and demand side management
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M Wigbels, B Bohm, K Sipilae ,2002 ,
 Additionally, for these systems demand side management (DSM) strategies will be evaluated
and compared to the effects of dynamic heat storage applications.  and peak demands in the
connected gas and electricity systems have bee regarded by reducing peak loads in the 

 Communications architecture of smart grids to manage the electrical demand
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R Mora, A López, D Román, A Sendín ,Udine, Italy, WSPLC, , 2009 ,
 HE objective of the GAD project [1], Spanish acronym of Demand Side Management (DSM), is 
to enable the communications between load controller and different devices at home (loads),
with enough  Electrical Demand Curve flattening improves electricity generation efficiency 

 Applications of thermal energy storage in Saudi Arabia
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SM Hasnain, SH Alawaji, A Al-Ibrahim ,International journal of , 1999 ,
 known as Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is the most preferred demand side management (DSM)
technology  This paper shows how TES o?ers a means of reducing the electrical demand in  KEY
WORDS: o?’-peak air conditioning; peak electric load leveling; inlet air cooling to 

 Microgrids black start and islanded operation
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JAP Lopes, CL Moreira, FO Resende ,15th Power Systems , 2005
 2 MICROGRID ARCHITECTURE As mentioned before, a MG involves a LV electrical grid, loads
(some of them interruptible), controlled and uncontrolled MS, storage devices and a  The MGCC
possesses several key functions (such as load forecasting, demand 

 Linking continuous energy management and open automated demand response
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Continuous Energy Management, Automated Demand Response, Energy Efficiency,
Demand Side Management, Electricity Value Chain  and control networking protocols to facilitate
integration of utility/ISO information systems and customer electrical loads [5]. 

 Price-responsive demand as reliability resources
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E Hirst ,Consulting in Electric-Industry Restructuring, Estados , 2002 ,
 The frequency decline is arrested primarily because many electrical loads (such as motors)
vary with system frequency.  The NERC (1993) demand-side management document asks 13
interesting and important questions about the use of loads as reserves. 

 Privacy concerns in upcoming residential and commercial demand-response systems
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M Lisovich, S Wicker ,Proc. of the Clemson University Power Systems , 2008 ,
 will allow utilities to improve planning and test the effects of various demand side management
programs.  A NILM system collects data like its AMI counterpart, but goes a step further by
processing the data to determine the operating schedules of individual electrical loads. 

 The CERTS microgrid concept
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R Lasseter, A Akhil, C Marnay ,White paper , 2002 ,
 is at the heart of the MicroGrid concept, which gives a particular meaning to demand-side
management.  machine on bus 8 increases by 32% to meet the new load demands (see  for grid
distribution systems because MicroGrids add a significant number of electrical sources to a