The information revolution came in the early 1990s with the advent of the World Wide Web. In the early days of the web, the use of websites was very limited. With the passage of time, new technologies were developed which provided unlimited convenience to the internet users in performing day to day tasks. One of the areas that evolved significantly with the commercialization of e-commerce applications was the way companies did business. Big and small companies moved towards exploring new techniques of doing business, and created e-commerce websites for selling their products and services online. The web applications developed in the early years of the web posed many problems that made the user experience cumbersome and complicated. Some of other problems faced by the website users were the weak security methodology, inaccessibility for the disabled, tedious coding methodology, and lack of administrative features. To improve on the flaws that existed in earlier websites, Microsoft introduced a new technology called .NET which included many new enhancements and features that were missing from the older technologies, such as providing advance security through encryption, built-in control for faster website development, server-side scripting, and compiled execution for better performance. Also, the seamless integration of the ecommerce websites developed using .NET with web services further simplified and expanded the ways in which such e-commerce websites interoperated with other businesses. This project demonstrates the new features present in the Microsoft’s .NET technology and also emphasizes the importance of web services in the development of ecommerce websites. This is shown by developing an e-commerce bookstore web application in which payments are processed by using PayPal’s all-in-one payment processing service. This bookstore application provides its users with advanced security features, easy website accessibility and navigation, built-in controls for rapid development, reporting services, and web analytic solution for accurately measuring web statistics. A conclusion is presented showing how this bookstore application can be extended in functionality to reach more customers and for enhanced user experience.

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