DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

devOps is a methodology that ensures that both the development and operations go hand in hand. DevOps cycle is picturized as an infinite loop representing the integration of developers and operation teams by: utomating infrastructure, orkflows and ontinuously measuring application performance.

Report: Devops literature review
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evOps is a conceptual framework for reintegrating development and operations of nformation Systems. We performed a Systematic Mapping Study to explore DevOps . 26 rticles out of 139 were selected, studied and summarized. Based on this a concept table

An exploratory study of devops extending the dimensions of devops with practices
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oftware-intensive companies constantly try to improve their software development process or better software quality and a faster time to market. The DevOps phenomenon emerged ith the promise of easing the process of putting new software changes to production at a

DevOps and the cost of downtime: Fortune 1000 best practice metrics quantified
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ased on a research survey conducted during October and November of 2014 across ultiple industries and with respondents across development, testing, and operations, this ocument identifies for the first time critical DevOps metrics from 20+ Fortune 1000

What is DevOps
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ontinuous delivery as a software-delivery strategy is attracting increasing attention and ecognition within both IT and the business organization. The ability to rapidly and epeatedly bring service improvements to market that continuous delivery provides aligns

DevOps shifting software engineering strategy-value based perspective
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istributed software engineering is one of the hot research areas that has the most interest ithin the software industry for many IT organizations especially the global and multinational nes. Up to 90% of these organizations running projects are distributed over different teams

Top 11 things you need to know about DevOps
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ookbook. Gene is a huge fan of IT operations, and how it can enable developers to aximize throughput of features from code complete to in production, without causing haos and disruption to the IT environment. He has worked with some of the top Internet

Achieving Cloud Scalability with Microservices and DevOps in the Connected Car Domain.
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he connected car business has high demands on the exchange of data and files between he connected car on the road, and a variety of services in the backend. To solve current and pcoming challenges in the best way, a scalable and flexible architecture and team setup is

LISA11 Theme DevOps : New Challenges, Proven Values
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This, in turn, leads to new software evelopment methodologies like Agile Development. Yes, you absolutely can use a

Simplifying the DevOps Adoption Process.
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evOps is a new tendency in business and information technology alignment. The purpose f DevOps is bridging the gap between the development and operations. Several sources laim that DevOps is a new style of work. Many successful DevOps introduction attempts and

DevOps : Advances in release management and automation
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evOps originated with operations as a means of streamlining and improving the ffectiveness of operations in the face of increasing workload. Traditionally operations had he time to deal with application stability, risk, and performance issues separately from

DevOps maturity calculator DOMC-value oriented approach
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ew style of IT puts many organizations in the current IT market under pressure to move heir traditional delivery approaches towards modern mechanisms like DevOps . These new odern approaches consider the high demand rate of their clients who starve for having

Ansible for DevOps
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rowing up, I had access to a world that not many kids ever get to enter. At the local radio tations where my dad was chief engineer, I was fortunate to get to see networks and IT nfrastructure up close: Novell servers and old Mac and Windows workstations in the90s;

How security can be the next force multiplier in devops
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age 1. SESSION ID: #RSAC Andrew Storms How Security can be the Next Force Multiplier in evOps ASD-F01 VP, Security Services New Context @St0rmz Page 2. #RSAC Make security he reason for DevOps adoption Software development challenges DevOps doesnt address

Is DevOps another Project Management Methodology
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n this paper, the authors aim to present the concept of DevOps (Development perations), considering its degree of novelty in the area of project management. Firstly, the uthors will bring theoretical arguments to support the idea that DevOps is an early-stage

DevOps : Concepts, Practices, Tools, Benefits and Challenges
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evOps , originated in the context of agile software development, seems an appropriate pproach to enable the continuous delivery and deployment of working software in small eleases. Organizations are taking significant interest in adopting DevOps ways of working

Towards the adoption of DevOps in software product organizations: A maturity model approach
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his technical report describes a study conducted at Centric and concerns the adoption of evOps in software product organization (SPOs), which are organizations that produce oftware for multiple customers and thus need to take into account the wishes and needs

Enhancing lean software development by using DevOps practices
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ompetition between companies has made a great pressure to produce new features ontinuously as fast as possible, subsequently successful software companies needs to earn more about customers and get new features out to them more rapidly. Lean software

The DevOps transformation
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age 1. The DevOps Transformation Director of Systems Engineering Joyent, nc. From here to there and why Thursday, December 8, 2011 Page 2. What is DevOps Section Thursday, December 8, 2011 Page 3. DevOps is a cultural and professional movement. Adam

Release engineering vs. DevOps -an approach to define both terms
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elivering software to the customer as fast as possible is essential for software development rganizations, in order to keep in pace with competitors. As a consequence, release ngineering, a software engineering discipline concerned with the delivery process of a

Towards DevOps in Multi-provider Projects.
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evOps addresses the continuity of development and operations activities in the software evelopment lifecycle in order to achieve a better software experience via shorter evelopment and release cycles with improved quality. A challenge in enterprise context is h1> intelligent apps

A mobile based women safety application ( I Safe Apps )
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any unfortunate incidents have been taking place in womans case. Problems may come rom any direction such as women walking on the road after the work, going to super market r many other reasons for which they go alone. People at home are not sure of their return

Mobile educational apps for children: towards development of i -CARES framework
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obile devices have becoming a new phenomenon not only among adults but also children f all ages. Children use these devices most frequently for entertainment purposes specially to playing games easily downloaded via online mobile app distribution stores

I , app: Trustworthy medical apps
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sability: Is the apps usage intuitive for all potential users Validity/Reliability: Has the unctionality been thoroughly tested, is the content validated (peer review,) Data andling: Does the app only require data that are necessary for the stated purpose; does it

Apps influence on urban mobility improving intelligent cities
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he availability of mobile internet and mobility related apps are changing things on the oads. By using the data available in application software for handheld devices, people are inding more efficient and effective ways to move around, but how could it be accelerated

Android Apps Commanding Intelligent Service Robot (ASSIBOT) For Office Work
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his Paper describes the concept of an office assistant robot (ASSIBOT) find its destination y following line. The task of this robot is to carry anything (files, documents, office ccessories even snacks, tea or coffee) in an office environment. In order to complete the

Intelligent Embedded Marketing Service System Based on TV Apps : Design and Implementation
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ue to the increment of advertising requirements based on various multi-media services, wo studies were conducted to propose an Intelligent Embedded Marketing Service System IEMSS) and then to use IEMSS to implement product placement strategies for idol dramas


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