different digital image processing techniques

Analysis of crack growth behavior in a double cantilever beam adhesive fracture test by
di fferent digital image processing techniques

Double cantilever beam (DCB) tests are common experiments in the eld of adhesive fracture me- chanics. During such an experiment, both the load and the crack length have to be monitored. Digital image processing techniques o er interesting possibilities in various elds of science. Au- tomated analyses may signi cantly reduce the necessary manpower for certain cumbersome tasks. The analysis of large series of images may be done in less time, since automated image processing techniques are able to work eciently and with constant quality 24h per day. In this work, a series of images obtained by a high-speed camera is analyzed in order to determine the crack growth be- havior during a DCB test. The present work represents a contribution to the e ort of automating the crack growth measurement, by proposing and comparing di erent automated techniques.

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