Digital Camera-Review


Digital mapping using low altitude UAV
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Calibration of Digital Camera After all the photographs from the digital cameras have been downloaded into the computer, image measurement is carried out. All the photographs of the test field were measured semi-automatically using close range photogrammetric software

Influence factors evaluation on high-precision planar calibration of non-metric digital camera
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With the rapid development of three-dimensional (3D) modelling, camera calibration is paid more and more attention. In this article, we analyse the influence factors in the calibration : the camera and lens, the shape of control points, photography model and the scale between

Automatic calibration of digital cameras using planar chess-board patterns
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ABSTRACT A variety of methods for camera calibration relying on different camera models, algorithms and a priori object information, have been reported and reviewed in literature. Use of simple 2D patterns of the chess-board type represents an interesting approach, for

Camera Calibration from Vanishing Points in Image of Architectural Scenes.
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These images were obtained by an Olympus digital camera . The calibration for these images was performed using 3 pairs of parallel edges to determine the vanishing points and hence calibrate the tw o cameras .The geometry was then computed using the vanishing points the

Measuring luminance with a digital camera
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Figure 4: Canon SX120IS Camera Calibration Compressed images permit many more images in a given storage space and transfer more quickly between camera and computer. High end digital cameras such as digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras can produce images in

Two-step camera calibration method developed for micro UAVs
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For a non- metric system to be used for measuring purposes, it is necessary to calibrate the digital camera . Many scientists (Perez et al. 2013) have researched analytical calibration procedures. High values of distortion in non-metric digital cameras have a very negative

Efficient calibration of amateur digital camera and orientation for photogrammetric applications
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The change in photogrammetry from analog to digital means a change from film to CCD or CMOS sensor, and real-time imaging became possible. In particular, amateur digital cameras have been receiving attention as convenient equipment in digital photogrammetric

Calibration of a wide-angle digital camera system for near real time scenarios
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Near real time monitoring of natural disasters, mass events, and large traffic disasters with airborne SAR and optical sensors will be the focus of several projects in research and development at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the next years. For these projects

Automatic color calibration for large camera arrays
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Camera Calibration ; Keywords: color calibration camera arrays 1 Introduction As digital cameras become cheaper and more easily managed, more and more researchers are investigating the potential of large camera arrays. For

Performance evaluation of a 33 megapixel Alpa 12 medium format camera for digital close range photogrammetry
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Commission V, WG V/5 KEY WORDS: Close-Range Photogrammetry, Digital Camera Camera Calibration ABSTRACT: The accuracy of object reconstruction was tested with two medium format cameras made by ALPA of Switzerland

Study of stability analysis of the interior orientation parameters from the small-format digital camera using on-the-job calibration
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Small and medium format digital cameras are widely used in Photogrammetric applications due to their accessibility, availability and quick image acquisition and processing. In addition, the resolution of these cameras has significantly increased while their prices

In-flight camera calibration for direct georeferencing
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KEY WORDS: Accuracy, Calibration Camera Georeferencing, GPS/INS, Orientation image acquisition is direct georefe- rencing (DG) by combining direct image orientation with digital imaging DG is also becoming an integral part of the image production based on film cameras

Fully automatic camera calibration using self-identifying calibration targets
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E20 digital camera with a 9-36mm zoom lens and a Powershot S60 digital camera with zoom SONY XC 999 with 6mm lens, Sharp VL-AH150U camcorder, and a low cost hobby surveillance camera Table 1 shows the results of automatic calibration of these cameras using the

Digital photogrammetry: An experience of processing aerial photograph of UTM acquired using digital camera
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for photogrammetric purposes. Some of the characteristics of digital cameras are there is no fiducial mark in the digital images, the camera calibration parameters are not stable, small format and others. The digital camera can

Simple calibration techniques for non-metric cameras
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Kossovas G., Mourafetis, G.. Multi-image calibration of digital cameras using planar testfields. Diploma Thesis, Department of Surveying, National Technical University of Athens, pp. 292 (In Greek.) Zhang, Z.. A flexible new technique for camera calibration

Camera calibration by a single image of balls: From conics to the absolute conic
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In a separate effort towards camera calibration Daucher et al Note that these assumptions are good approxi- mations of the modern cameras and empirically we found that they do not introduce errors 6. The camera is Power Shot Pro 70, a digital camera manufactured by Canon

Automatic self- calibration of digital cameras for close-range photogrammetry
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Digital cameras are getting widely used due to their operation conveniences and real-time processing capabilities. Although digital cameras have been considered suitable to photogrammetric tasks, their metric characteristics are not clear and stable as traditional

Tsais camera calibration method revisited
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Some digital cameras avoid the intermediate analog waveform and the low pass filtering, but many cameras particularly cheaper ones intended for the consumer market Alternatively, the extra scaling parameter can be recovered as part of the camera calibration process

Camera calibration accuracy at different UAV flying heights
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A camera mounted on a UAV is able to acquire high-accuracy mapping measurement such as in deformation surveys and, in most cases, low-cost digital cameras are used for UAV mapping. Hence, camera calibration is considered important and needs to be studied to obtain

Target-based and Feature-based Calibration of Low-cost Digital Cameras with Large Field-of-view
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Nowadays, both target-based and feature-based camera calibration approaches have been developed and investigated for different photogrammetric tasks. However, almost no research has been conducted on comparing these approaches for low-cost large-field-of

Digital Camera-A Review Of Its Applications In Urology And Genitourinary Surgery

FREE-DOWNLOAD I Singh Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 2009