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Implementation of Multilevel Threshold Method for Digital Images Used In Medical Image Processing
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ABSTRACT The digital image processing has been applied in several areas, especially where it is necessary to use tools for feature extraction and to get patterns of the studied images. In an initial stage, the segmentation is used to separate the image in parts that represents a

Recognition Of Powdery Mildew Disease For Betelvine Plants Using Digital Image Processing
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ABSTRACT The fresh leaves of betel vine are generally known as paan in India, which are inspired by about 20–30 million people in the country. It is cultivated in India about 75,000 hectares with an annual production worth about Rs. 1000 millions. Betelvine plants may

Forecasting gamma radiation levels using digital image processing
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ABSTRACT This work introduces a new way for data visualization. Its name is Digital application nameImage Normal digital image is created by digital camera or digital scanner but digital application name image is created by measurements of monitoring

Identify Defects in Gears Using Digital Image Processing
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ABSTRACT Gear defects are a major reason for poor quality and of embarrassment for manufacturers. 0Inspection processes done on these industries are mostly manual and time consuming. To reduce error on identifying gear defects requires more automotive and

Analysis of nutrient contents and quality feature extraction of clustered seeds using Digital Image Processing
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ABSTRACT Digital image analysis method was developed to analyse individual grain kernels nutrients. In this methodology for the analysis of the grain morphology of particular importance is rice and for the quantitative comparison of the quality of their grain ordering

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ABSTRACT Image registration is a process in which final information is gained from different data sources. It is a technique in which the different sets of data are transformed in to one coordinate system . Using registration we can compare and integrate the data

Sediment Shape Characterization of Sand Particles Using Digital Image Processing
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L Poudel, B Thapa, BP Shrestha , ABSTRACT This part of research work is focused on defining sand particles shape using Digital Image Processing (DIP). Sand particles shape can be defined using geometrical structures which involves mathematics and its derivatives. Shape descriptor is utilized to define

Methodology for Design and Development of a Digital Image Processing Setup for Thermal Mapping of Gas Turbine Components Using Thermal Paints
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SV Bhalerao ABSTRACT Engine efficiency increases with its operating temperatures which in turn are limited by the component material life. Accurate full field assessment of metal temperature of hot section components is essential for engine designers to produce reliable and durable

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AU PATWARI, D Muammer, MSI CHOWDHURY , ABSTRACT The characteristic features produced by machining processes, specifically: shaping, end milling, and horizontal milling, are important parameters for determining salient facts about the processes involved. The need for attaining an optimum balance between

Automated Inspection of Defects in Glass by proper Color space selection and Segmentation Technique of Digital Image processing
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S Agrawal ABSTRACT Glass defects which result into poor quality are a major reason of embarrassment for manufacturers. It is an extremely tedious process to manually inspect very large size glasses. The manual inspection process is slow, timeconsuming and prone to human

Digital Image Processing Focusing on Spacial Domain Filters
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ABSTRACT As a research topic in information systems, image processing is extremely important to scientific communities. It has many uses in medical, military, and especially astronomy which we use as the basis of real world use. This paper goes into the basic background

Brain Tumor Detection Using Digital Image Processing Based On Soft Computing
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ABSTRACT A brain tumor, defined as an abnormal growth of cells within the brain or the central spinal canal. Brain tumors include all tumors inside the central spinal canal. They are created by an abnormal and uncontrolled cell division, usually in the brain itself, but also

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B SREENIVAS, BN CHARY , ABSTRACT Pictures are the most effective means of conveying information. A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures concisely convey information about positions, sizes and interrelationships between objects. Human beings are good at deriving information from

CMP4104 Digital Image and Video Processing
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L WEM , Objectives• To equip the student with techniques applied in digital image and video processing such as filtering, enhancement and motion estimation• To impart the computer engineering student with skills necessary to select appropriate image and compression

Digital Image Processing for Identification of Black Sigatoka
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N Bendini, CR Padovani, JD Lima, DE Rozane , This study investigated the application, specifically the digital processing of images, with main component analysis and artificial neural networks as tools to support for better identification of the early stages of the development of the Black Sigatoka, so that control




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An Improved Self-Embedding Algorithm Robust Protection against Lossy Compression Attacks in Digital Image Watermarking

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