digital signal processing research papers 2012

 VLSI macromodeling and signal integrity analysis via digital signal processing techniques
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Abstract—Linear macromodeling has been applied to high-frequency circuit simulations to
accelerate the global interconnect system simulation process. By approximating tabulated
structure response data, reduced macromodels can be generated. However, conventional 

 Application of Digital Signal Processing in Speech Processing Engineering
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A Rahman ,2012 ,
Abstract—Speech signal processing is using the application of Digital Signal Processing.
Speech signal processing engineering is mainly depends on the area of digital signal
processing. Speech signal is process in the several ways. In future speech processing 

 Next-Generation Photonic Transport Network Using Digital Signal Processing
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Y Aoki, H Nakashima, S Oda, P Palacharla ,FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J, 2012
Coherent optical-fiber transmission technology using digital signal processing is being
actively researched and developed for use in transmitting high-speed signals of the 100-
Gb/s class over long distances. It is expected that network capacity can be further 

A new digital signal processing method for spectrum interference monitoring
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L Angrisani, D Capriglione, L Ferrigno ,Measurement Science , 2011 ,Versita
Frequency spectrum is a limited shared resource, nowadays interested by an ever growing
number of different applications. Generally, the companies providing such services pay to
the governments the right of using a limited portion of the spectrum, consequently they 

 Quantization of VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems
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Digital systems have finite precision, which imposes a maximum bound on the accuracy of
the results of the computed mathematical operations. The so-called quantization process,
also wordlength optimization, aims at finding cost-efficient hardware architectures that 

 software-defined radio digital signal processing library
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JD Gaeddert ,2011 ,
1 Background and History liquid is a free and open-source digital signal processing (DSP)
library designed specifically for software-defined radios on embedded platforms. The aim is
to provide a lightweight DSP library that does not rely on a myriad of external 

A Versatile Multichannel Digital Signal Processing Module for Microcalorimeter Arrays
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H Tan, JW Collins, M Walby, W Hennig ,Journal of Low , 2012 ,Springer
Abstract Different techniques have been developed for reading out microcalorimeter sensor
arrays: individual outputs for small arrays, and time-division or frequency-division or code-
division multiplexing for large arrays. Typically, raw waveform data are first read out from 

 Multirate Filtering For Digital Signal Processing and Its Applications
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S Sengar, PP Bhattacharya ,2011 ,
ABSTRACT Multirate Filtering techniques are used when conventional method becomes
extremely costly and this technique is widely used in both sampling rate conversion system
and in constructing filters with equal input and output rates. The basic concepts and 

 The Study and Implementation of Signal Processing Algorithm for Digital Beam Position Monitor
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L Lai, Y Leng, X Yi, Y Yan, Z Chen ,PAC2011, New York, , 2011 ,
 Abstract Digital beam position monitor (DBPM) system is one of the most important beam
diagnostic instruments generally used in modern accelerators. The performance of DBPM
is mainly given by its digital signal processing algorithm. 

 The new digital signal processing technology: particle swarm optimization
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Finally, we present another application of MD-PSO in macroinvertebrate biomonitoring [5].
Aquatic ecosystems are facing a growing number of human induced changes and threats,
and macroinvertebrate biomonitoring is particularly efficient in pinpointing the cause-effect 

 Digital signal processing algorithms for noise reduction, dynamic range compression, and feedback cancellation in hearing aids
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K Ngo ,status: accepted, 2011 ,
A five-year journey has come to an end and I am finally ready to write the preface for my PhD
thesis. At this moment, I don’t have that much to say other than to express my gratitude and
countless thanks to all of those who have helped me during my PhD.

Mathematical foundations of nonlinear, non-Gaussian, and time-varying digital speech signal processing
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 What we will here call classical digital signal processing (classical DSP) is, similarly, based on
the mathematics of linear algebra, coupled with time-invariance [4]. In addition, classical DSP
usually assumes that any random variables arising from, eg sources of noise, are