disc brake system


Effect of Chamfered Brake Pad Patterns on the Vibration Squeal Response of Disc Brake System
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This paper is concerned with the disc brake squeal problem for automotive vehicles. The purpose of the present research tries to reduce the instability of the squeal mode and to improve the comfortless discord volume in the car. In the current study, the

Modeling of thermal contact problem of disc brake system with frictional heat generation
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Safety aspect in automotive engineering has been considered as a number one priority in development of new vehicle. Each single system has been studied and developed in order to meet safety requirement. Instead of having air bag, good suspension systems, good

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Squeal Noise Generated In A Disc Brake System and Reduction of It
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Disc brake squeal is considered as one of the major problem in NVH sector in automotive industries. The instability generated in disc brake system is mainly due to coupling of free modes of the disc rotor and brake pad. To evaluate instability, complex modal analysis is

Squeal analysis of disc brake system
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Squeal analysis of disc brake system continues to be a challenging issue in both industrial and academia due to its complexity and frequent occurrence. Thanks to rapid development of computational device and commercial software, finite element analysis becomes much

Analysis of disc brake system
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Disk drive Braking mechanism is actually aimed towards evaluating this efficiency of Disc foot brake rotor of a auto underneath significant braking ailments and also presently there by help in rotor design and style and also examination. An investigation in using fresh supplies

Performance optimisation of disc brake system using Taguchi approach
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The performance of the disc brake system basically depends on geometric parameters and operating parameters. The aim of this research is to optimise the operating parameters of the disc brake system to improve the performance, durability and robustness of the brake

Experimental investigation of truck tractors brake system efficiency equiped with disc brakes
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Annually 2 million person perish and about 50 million traumatize in traffic accidents in the world by Worldwide Health Organization estimations. 2-3 m of a brake distance falls short to prevent 70% of traffic accidents on the average. Forecasts show that value of traffic

Influence of ecological fluid on the wet disc brake system of the tractor
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The article is focused on the operating measurements of the wet disc brake system of the tractor. Operating measurements were evaluated after tractors operation of 500 Eh on the 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. The reference fluid and the ecological fluid were tested during

Analysis of the Performance of Disc Brake System of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Using Temperature and Coefficient of Friction as a Parameter
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Most of railroad passenger vehicles in the world equipped with disc brake system which is mounted either on the wheel for (wheel mounted) or axle on the bogie frames for (axle mounted). A disc brake is a device which is used to stop or reduce the motion of vehicles

Electromagnetic braking system using eddy current for brake disc of Al6061 and Al7075
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The behaviour of electromagnetic braking using eddy current was studied. Started with preliminary study investigating 3 different materials of aluminium, copper and zinc to choose the best material as brake disc . It also looks on effects of increasing current induced into

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In physics and chemistry, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time. But in mechanical engineering applications, systems which exhibits apparently nonconservative behaviour

Finite Element Analysis of the quasi-static thermal stresses in a pad- disc brake system
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The aim of this paper was to compare axisymmetric and 3D model to analyse transient temperature fields and quasi-static thermal stress in a disc of a brake system . The governing equations of heat conduction problem and thermoelasticity as well as the approximate finite

The Effect of Contact Stiffness on the Out-of-Plane Vibration of a Disc Brake System
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Citation Copyright (to be inserted by the publisher) The Effect of Contact Stiffness on the Out-of-plane Vibration of a Disc Brake System Kihong Shin 1 Yong-Goo Joe 2 and Jae-Eung Oh 2 1 School of Mechanical Engineering, Andong National University, 388

Evaluation of a Lightweight Friction Brake Disc Design for a Regenerative Braking System .
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One of the stated advantages of electric vehicles (EVs), and hybrid vehicles (HVs) is their ability to recuperate braking energy. Regenerative braking (RB) would extend the working range of an EV or HV provided that any extra energy consumption eg from increased vehicle

Development of Environmental Friendly Novel Counterpart for Automotive Brake -Pad Disc System
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The braking system is an indispensible part of any automobile. The term braking implies use of external force for force reduction of the vehicle which is achieved by the rubbing action of two surfaces in contact. Friction is the resistance to the motion of two bodies in contact. The