dna computing research papers

DNA computing research papers

 DNA Computing
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In this report, I describe DNA Computing and how it has been implemented in rudimentary
forms. The Hamiltonian Path problem is discussed in detail along with its solution using
DNA. DNA computation can lead to insights and improvements in parallelism, as cloning 

Graph multiset transformation: a new framework for massively parallel computation inspired byDNA computing
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HJ Kreowski ,Natural Computing, 2011 ,Springer
Abstract In this paper, graph multiset transformation is introduced and studied as a novel
type of parallel graph transformation. The basic idea is that graph transformation rules may
be applied to all or at least some members of a multiset of graphs simultaneously 

Strand algebras for DNA computing
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L Cardelli ,Natural Computing, 2011 ,Springer
DNA technology is reaching the point where one can envision automatically compiling high-level
formalisms to DNA computational structures (Yin et al. 2008). Examples so far include impressive
demonstrations of ‘manual compilation’ of automata and Boolean networks (Benenson et 

DNA computing circuits using libraries of DNAzyme subunits
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J Elbaz, O Lioubashevski, F Wang ,Nature , 2011 ,nature.com
In the version of this Letter originally published, components of the systems illustrated in Figs
3a–d, 4a and 4d were incorrectly labelled. In the Supplementary Information, components of
the systems illustrated in Figs S7a, S9a–c and S10 were also incorrectly labelled. These 

 Integrating DNA Computing in International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)
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R Pankaj ,International Journal of Computer Applications, 2011
Abstract DNA cryptography is a field which is being explored worldwide and even in being in
its primitive stages it has revolutionized the area of network security. Here we are applying
DNA computing on well known IDEA algorithm for making it more secure. We are adding a 

A Molecular Cryptosystem for Images by DNA Computing

Cracking the encryption: Parallel computing with molecular finite-state automata and
fluorescently labeled DNA molecules has been used to decipher two different images
encrypted onto a single DNA chip (see picture). The images were deciphered by a mixture 

 Recent Computability Models Inspired from Biology: DNA and Membrane Computing
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G Paun ,THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, , 2008
 Keywords: Computer Science, Mathematics, Turing computability, Biochemistry, DNA
computing, Membrane Com- puting.  Insisting at the DNA level we get DNA computing,
insisting at the cellular level we get the membrane computing. 

Watson–Crick palindromes in DNA computing
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  Natural Computing, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract This paper provides an overview of existing approaches to encoding information on
DNA strands for biocomputing, with a focus on the notion of Watson–Crick (WK)
palindromes. We obtain a closed form for, as well as several properties of WK 

DNA computing and its application
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J Watada ,Computational Intelligence: A Compendium, 2008 ,Springer
The objectives of this Chapter are twofold: firstly to introduce DNA computation, and
secondly to demonstrate how DNA computing can be applied to solve large, complex
combinatorial problems, such as the optimal scheduling of a group of elevators servicing a 

 DNA Computing: Foundations and Implications
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1 Introduction DNA computing is an area of natural computing based on the idea that
molecular biology processes can be used to perform arithmetic and logic operations on
information encoded as DNA strands. The aim of this review is two-fold. First, we introduce 

 Fuzzy Reasoning Based on DNA Computing
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KS Ray ,International Journal of Computer Applications , 2010 ,Citeseer
ABSTRACT Fuzzy reasoning based on fuzzy logic was first proposed by Zadeh to handle
the vague concept of reasoning in our day to day life. Since the inception of fuzzy reasoning
several extensions, specifications and applications on fuzzy reasoning have been 

DNA computing and its application to information security field
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G Cui, C Li, H Li ,Natural Computation, 2009. ICNC’09. , 2009
Abstract DNA computing is a new computational paradigm by harnessing the potential
massive parallelism, high density information of bio-molecules and low power consumption,
which brings potential challenges and opportunities to traditional cryptography. In this 

 A Parallel Algorithm For Solving Sat Problem Based On DNA Computing
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M Darehmiraki ,International Journal of ComputersApplications, 2009 ,Citeseer
DNA for the satisfiability (SAT) problem. Simultaneously DNA operations are applied in the
sticker-based model to develop a DNA algorithm. The result of the proposed algorithm
shows that the SAT problem is resolved with biological operation in the sticker-based ..

 Simplification of Boolean algebra through DNA Computing
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S Paul ,International Journal of Computer Applications , 2010
Abstract DNA Computing utilizes the properties of DNA for performing the computations. The
computations include arithmetic and logical operations such as simplification of Boolean
expression to its simplest form. Boolean function can be built from ANDs, ORs, and NOTs 

Superimposed Code Theoretic Analysis of DNA Codes and DNA Computing
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Abstract: Large collections of carefully constructed single stranded DNA sequences, called
DNA Libraries, can be algorithmically filtered to encode solutions to numerical questions. To
date, there has been no simple way to decode theses solutions. One possible decoding 

 DNA Computing Populations of Coalition-Negotiation Agents
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DH Wood, J Chen, SO Kimbrough ,Relation, 2008 ,cis.udel.edu
Three companies, Red, Blue, and Green, are in competition. No single company can
dominate the market without a merger, which has to be obtained by negotiating a division of
the resulting profits. Unsurprisingly, each company turns to their computers for guidance in ..

 DNA Computing–Modelling and Simulating a Molecular Turing Machine
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M Muraru ,Graduation Paper, June, 2008 ,scientificbulletin.upb.ro
As part of the Simulator development, we emphasize the necessity for finding a codification
or language for computation models and go into detail on the language generation problem
for our Molecular Turing Machine and describe our solution. Keywords: DNA Computing, 

 Using DNA Computing to Solve the Scheduling Problem
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MS Nuser ,2010 ,journals.yu.edu.jo
Abstract This research suggests a method for solving the job scheduling problem, which is
an NP-hard problem, based on DNA computing (DNAC). The method uses variable length
representation of jobs. Each job is represented with a DNA sequence that is proportional 

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P Sugathan ,2010 ,dspace.cusat.ac.in
In this paper I intend to present the computing technology that has a great future-DNA
COMPUTING. DNA computing can be viewed as a manifestation of an emerging new area
of science made possible by our rapidly developing ability to control the molecular world. 

 solving a PsPACE-Complete Problem with DNA Computing
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T Zerjatke ,Mathematical Theory and , 2009 ,stubber.math-inf.uni-greifswald.de
Abstract. A DNA algorithm for solving the VSVACS-complete problem of Quantified Boolean
Formulas is presented that is based on breadth first search. With this approach the amount
of DNA that is needed during computation can be reduced considerably compared to a