DTMF-Dual Tone Multi Frequency IEEE PAPER 2017

Transmission of Audio, DTMF and Serial Data Using LASER
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Abstract-The paper addresses a technology that can be used for wireless line-of-sight communication. Generally RF signals are used to communicate between two stations but here we use LASER as the communicating medium. A LASER torch can transmit light waves

DTMF based Home Automation System
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Abstract: This paper presents the design of home automation system using dual tone multiple frequency based home automation s ystem. Todays demand for better home security systems has drifted over to a need for home automation. Not only does a home

A Survey on GSM based Automation Cum Surveillance System using DTMF Technology
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ABSTRACT In this paper we have proposed a method to make a base for the monitoring of systems. The monitoring of systems could be from monitoring of movements in any particular area to the monitoring of any external electrical, mechanical device. The goal is to find an

AVR Controlled Appliance Automation System Based on DTMF
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Abstract: In modern house concepts, an integrating home automation system is now becoming a trend. This paper proposes a remote controlled automation system for the automation of home/industrial appliances. The prototype is composed of a remote section

Mechatronics Automation using Remote DTMF Codes with Text Message Alert Feedback
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Abstract ith the current interest in household and industrial automation, developing a smart system that monitors and controls household appliances, industrial machines, military/hospital devices and security gadgets, etc, with low latency response is pertinent.

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Abstract-The main scope of project is to send commands from one cell phone to be received by another cell phone mounted on the kit to receive the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) mode commands which are then decoded. The corresponding codes are then fed to a

DTMF Technology Used For Enhancement Of Remotely Controlled Sailing Boat
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Abstract In this day and age, it is frequently to change starting with one innovation then onto the next. As of late RF (radio recurrence) technology is used for lions share of users. In any case, because of the improvement of broadcast communications innovation called DUAL CSE PROJECTS