earthquake detector

An evidence based earthquake detector using Twitter
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This paper presents a notification system to identify earthquakes from firsthand reports published on Twitter. Tweets from target regions in Australia and New Zealand are checked for earthquake keyword frequency bursts and then processed to identify evidence of an

A robust algorithm for earthquake detector
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A robust algorithm has been developed for the automatic earthquake detector . It processes the real-time acceleration data recorded by strong-motion seismograph and detects earthquakes. First, an event detector compares short-term average (STA)/long-term average

Proposed model of an earthquake detector by using UBG-04LX-F01 laser rangefinder.
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This paper presents the earthquake model by using a laser rangefinder while using laws of reflection and few trigonometric equations. It give very quick output and very accurate. As it is known that the earthquake is the most destructive force of the nature, in present number of

Development of seismic wave energy sensing-type earthquake detector
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On operational control systems during earthquakes for elevators and other equipment, acceleration-type earthquake detectors have been adopted conventionally. Although these detectors function effectively in ordinary buildings, there have been occasions where they do

Improved sensitivity of Signal conditioner Circuit of Earthquake Radon Detector using negative impedance converters for improved seismic forecasting
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The proposed work involves modification of a signal conditioning filter whose sensitivity can be increased using Alpha-logger probes; Rad 7 and Alpha Guard in condition where condensation problem is found to be maximum. The air pressure inside the laboratory is

Earthquake Studies Using a LAGO Water Cherenkov Detector in Ecuador
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Particles of different kinds (from single protons to iron atoms) and sources are constantly hitting Earths atmosphere. In astrophysics, these are known as cosmic rays. Cosmic rays that reach the Earths atmosphere arrive in a wide range of energies; they can be as high as

Investigation of earthquake -related deaths using post-mortem multi- detector computed tomography
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Aims and objectives Post-mortem Multi- Detector Computed Tomography (MDCT) is now recognized as a valuable adjunct medicolegal tool. Beside its application for identification purposes, MDCT is used to assist pathologists in determining cause of death. Compared to

Non-linear lift-off and sliding analysis of parts of the CMS- detector for the load case earthquake
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ABSTRACT CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, is currently re-equipping the former LEP tunnel for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project. LHC will be ready in summer 2007 for proton-proton collisions. Several high energy physics experiments are