Automatic Vending Machine


Ladder Logic Algorithm for Automatic Vending Machine and Automatic Car Parking System
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An industrial Automation System (SCADA PLCs) is used for the development of the controls of machinery. Industrial Automation is largely based on PLC-based control systems. PLCs are today mostly programmed in the languages of the IEC (International

Automatic Bhel Vending Machine
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Technology is developing in food industry with the help of automation. Usually, there is tremendous crowd at Snack Centers, Bhel Stalls near gardens, hospitals, and colleges. It is required to deliver Bhel in time. However due to manual operation of preparing Bhel, it is not

Design and Fabrication of Automatic Can Crusher and Vending Machine .
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Swacha Bharat Abhiyan is a cleanliness camping run by the Government of India, which started on 145th birth anniversary of the great person Mahatma Gandhi. The main aim of the project is to contribute towards the cleanliness drive. Our Proposed machine is a cam and

Design, Modeling and Implementation of 8-bit Processor for Intelligent Automatic Chocolate Vending Machine (AVM)
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This paper describes the design, modeling and simulation of an 8-bit dedicated processor for a Chocolate Automatic Vending Machine (AVM). The proposed dedicated processor is modelled by writing appropriate programs in. The system supports 8 different 8-bit

Low Power PayPower Automatic Electronic Vending Machine using PIC 16F877A
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In this paper we present a Low Power PayPower Automatic Electronic Vending Machine design. A simple coin detection mechanism is employed to detect a coin of a single type and taking appropriate action using a PIC 16F877A microcontroller (switching a 230V power