A bio – battery is an energy storing device that is powered by organic compounds, usually being glucose, such as the glucose in human blood. When enzymes in human bodies break down glucose, several electrons and protons are released.

The future of energy bio battery
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In todays world Electricity is considered as an integral utility. We can never ever think of our lives without machines. Thus electricity plays a vital role in functioning of the society. One of the portable and convenient sources of this electrical energy is a Battery . Battery is the basic

Bio -synthesis of LiFePO 4/C composites for lithium ion battery
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According to the biomineralization assembly concept, high-performance LiFePO4/C composites are successfully obtained via an effective and controllable biomimetic sol-gel method. The key step of this method is using the Bakers yeast cells as structural templates

The use of bio – battery cell output to predict lesion formation and prevent rapid impedance rise
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Methods: Endocard~ al isthmuses ot decreasing sizes| 2. 1 and 0.5 cm) were created in five isolated and perfused canine nght atha (3.8 by 32 cm) in the presence Of 1-5 uM of ACh The cuts spared the-¢ p~ rd~ um.[he tissues were paced at increasing rates from either site of

Bio -thermal battery for ICDs
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Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD) is an implantable device about the size of a pager that monitors a patients heart rate. It uses batteries to send electric signals to a heart thats beating too slow, same as a pacemaker. It can also deliver an electric shock to help

An approach for bio -monitoring exposure to cadmium hydroxide in nickel-cadmium battery factory workers: Impact of cadmium levels in air and exposure period
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An Approach for Bio -monitoring Exposure to Cadmium Hydroxide in Nickel-Cadmium Battery Factory Workers: Impact of Cadmium Levels in Air and Exposure Period on Urinary Cadmium Excretion

Renewable Power Source Using Urine Based on Bio – Battery
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The effect of electrode material is performance a microbial fuel cells (MFC), which utilize urea in urine at the anode chamber and plain water at the cathode chamber have been demonstrated using different size for metal electrode and also different volume for urine

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Voltage regulator circuit is using in many electronic devices, regulating the dc voltage regulator is necessary for the devices. Zener diode is best of example of voltage regulating. Bio – battery is now a days is getting famous for using in devices like charging cell phones

Polypeptides for Bio -Tethering and Self-Assembly of Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes
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The goal of this research is to isolate multifunctional polypeptide sequences for bio -tethering electrode material and carbon nanotubes in order to decrease internal resistance in lithium ion batteries thereby improving their performance. Phage display is the key technique

Bio -Availability of Heavy Metals in Wild Plants Found in an Abandoned Battery Waste Site
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This study examined the concentration of trace metals in the soil of an abandoned slag dumpsite, and the corresponding levels of these metals in the tissue of wild plants growing on such sites. For this purpose, soil and wild plant species were collected from Lalupon

A 1.9-µW 7-GHz IR-UWB Transmitter with RF-Energy-Harvester in 180-nm CMOS for Battery -Less Bio -Sensors
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A fully integrated 802.15. 4a-LRP-UWB-PHY-and ETSI-compliant impulse-radio ultra-wide- band (IR-UWB) transmitter (TX) front-end, powered by an RF-energy-harvester in 180nm CMOS technology, is presented. The TX is working in the 7GHz band transmitting with

Targeted synthesis of functional soft and hard carbons from bio -waste and natural products for supercapacitor and battery applications
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This chapter presents the general perspective on different carbon materials with the focus on semi graphitic carbon forms of various types. A detailed discussion about the structure, properties and synthesis of different materials has been presented in this chapter. Besides a