A camera is an optical instrument used to record images. At their most basic, cameras are sealed boxes (the camera body) with small holes (the aperture)

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Particle therapy has become a very popular treatment modality of tumours thanks to a favourable dose depth profile compared to conventional radiotherapy. However, over the last decade, an opinion has been established in the community that the next steps to fully

Foreword Observing the mm Universe with the NIKA2 camera
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The mm Universe conference has brought together the scientific community working with the NIKA2 camera recently installed at the 30-m telescope of IRAM (Institut de RadioAstronomie Millim trique) located in Pico Veleta (Spain). The conference has covered theoretical, observationalCertain characteristics of prints are invisible for the naked eye, eg elements printed at small print sizes or reflection/absorption characteristics of print inks, which are typical for security prints such as banknotes. Detailed inspections of these characteristics are usually carried

Nano-carbon Bendable Terahertz Camera : a Tool for Multi-view Inspection
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Terahertz (THz) imaging technology is highly promising for the use in powerful non- destructive and non-contact inspections due to its abilities of high penetration and fingerprint spectra of various materials and molecules. My talk will present our recent development of

Demosaicing generalised assorted pixel gap camera images
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1.1 IMAGE 2 1.2 DIMENSIONS IN IMAGE 3 1.2. 1 ID Pictures 4 1.2. 2 2-D Pictures 4 1.2. 3 3- D Pictures 4 1.3 BIT DEPTH 4 1.4 PIXELS 5 1.5 TYPES OF IMAGE 6 1.5. 1 Binary image or Monochrome image 6 1.5. 2 Grayscale image or 8 bit color format 7 1.5. 3 16 bit color format

Towards Privacy-Preserving Ego-Motion Estimation using an Extremely Low-Resolution Camera
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Ego-motion estimation is a core task in robotic systems as well as in augmented and virtual reality applications. It is often solved using visual-inertial odometry, which involves using one or more always-on cameras on mobile robots and wearable devices. As consumers

Atmospheric Science with the Visual Monitoring Camera onboard Mars Express: recent results
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The Visual Monitoring Camera (VMC) onboard Mars Express was initially an engineering camera , but recently upgraded to science instrument [Sánchez-Lavega et al. 2018a, Sánchez-Lavega et al. 2018b]. Our most recent investigations with this new instrument in

Connecting Distributed Families: Camera Work for Three-Party Mobile Video Calls
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Mobile video calling technologies have become a critical link to connect distributed families. However, these technologies have been principally designed for video calling between two parties, whereas family video calls involving young children often involve three parties

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AND THE RADCLIFFE CAMERA nick mols overlooked its theoretical significance. Caroline Van Eck omitted a discussion of Rules for Drawing from her British Architectural Theory, while underlining, like Terry Friedman, Gibbss importance in later architectural writing, seen

Object registration using an RGB-D camera for complex product augmented assembly guidance
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Background Augmented assembly guidance aims to help users complete assembly operations more efficiently and quickly through augmented reality technology, breaking the limitations of traditional assembly guidance technology which is single in content and boring Robot-Assisted Surgery enhances vision and it can restore depth perception, but it introduces the need for learning how to tele-operatively control both the surgical tools and the endoscope. Together with the complexity of selecting the optimal viewpoint to carry out

Identification of Wild Species in Texas from Camera -trap Images using Deep Neural Network for Conservation Monitoring
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Protection of endangered species requires continuous monitoring and updated information about the existence, location, and behavioral alterations in their habitat. Remotely activated camera or camera traps is a reliable and effective method of photo documentation of local