Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor It is a technology used to produce integrated circuits. CMOS circuits are found in several types of electronic components, including microprocessors, batteries, and digital camera image sensors.

Radio frequency reliability studies of CMOS RF integrated circuits for ultra-thin flexible packages
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This Letter presents for the first time radio frequency (RF) reliability studies of fully integrated CMOS RF integrated circuits (RFICs) for next generation wireless communication applications involving conformal bodies where wireless communication RFICs will be

Regulated Telescopic OTA Optimization for Mobile WiMAX Applications. Nano CMOS OTA Performance Prediction Through Bisquare Weights Method
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This paper presents the design of a high performance Regulated Telescopic Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) for low power and high speed sigma-delta modulator for Mobile WiMAX Applications. Indeed, the Regulated Telescopic OTA is an enhanced DC

Designs and Simulations of Millimetre Wave On-chip Single Turn Inductors for 0.13 µm RF CMOS Process Technology
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The upcoming fifth generation (5G) network has ushered in mushrooming researches in integrated circuit designs and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Since the 5G technologies operate mainly in the millimetre wave (mm-wave) band, developing electronic

Design and analysis of 2×1 photonic multiplexer operating at CMOS compatible voltages for photonic integrated circuits
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In this work, we design and study a photonic multiplexer (PM) based on electro-optic effect and mode-coupling mechanism using lithium niobate on insulator (LNoI). The constructed PM works with CMOS compatible driving voltages, offers low losses and low cross-talks. The

Multi-Objective Learning Automata for Design and Optimization a Two-Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier
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In this paper, we propose an efficient approach to design optimization of analog circuits that is based on reinforcement learning method. In this work, Multi-Objective Learning Automata (MOLA) is used to design a two-stage CMOS operational amplifier (op-amp) in 0.25 μm