A cognitive radio is a radio that can be programmed and configured dynamically to use the best wireless channels in its vicinity to avoid user interference and congestion.

A combined spectrum sensing method based DCT for cognitive radio system.
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In this paper a new hybrid blind spectrum sensing method is proposed. The method is designed to enhance the detection performance of Conventional Energy Detector (CED) through combining it with a proposed sensing module based on Discrete Cosine Transform

Multimedia Communication over Cognitive Radio Networks from QoS/QoE Perspective; A Comprehensive Survey
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The stringent requirements of wireless multimediatransmission lead to very high radio spectrum solicitation. Although the radio spectrum is considered as a scarce resource, theissue with spectrum availability is not scarcity, but the inefficientutilization. Unique

Detection of dynamic location primary user emulation on mobile cognitive radio networks using USRP
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The study and the detection of possible network attacks are essential for wireless networks, in particular for mobile cognitive radio networks due to its characteristics such as, the dynamic spectrum allocation and constant frequency hopping. The Primary User Emulation

Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Network using Co-operative Combining Mechanism
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In day to day world, we are put against many kinds of Biometric systems. Hence they have been an extremely active Research area for a very long time. Every day, new advancements are being made to Biometric mechanisms for Identification. Most of these technologies