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In the past, most digital signal processing has re- quired that digitized signals be recorded and then processed off-line on general-purpose computers. In many cases, however, on-line, real-time, and therefore very fast processing is required if digital techniques are to successfully

Digital signal processing for light emitting diode based visible light communication
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The realization of enhanced efficiency light emitting diodes (LED) and the trend to lower costs of LED lighting systems will facilitate their wider deployment in many applications. LED lighting system with the value-added functionality of optical wireless communication enables

An optical-fiber sensor for use in water systems utilizing digital signal processing techniques and artificial neural network pattern recognition
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An optical-fiber sensor is reported which is capable of detecting ethanol in water. A single optical-fiber sensor was incorporated into a 1-km length of 62.5-m core diameter polymer- clad silica optical fiber. In order to maximize sensitivity, a U-bend configuration was used for

Recent developments in signal processing for digital hearing aids
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A also prevent the hearing-aid compression amplification from reaching the desirable gains for compensating for the loudness loss. Hearing aids with traditional methods to reduce feedback mainly consist of a microphone, the physical feedback path, the core hearing-aid

A Digital Filer Chip for ECG Signal Processing
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A VLSI implementation of a linear-phase digital filter for ECG signal processing has been designed. With a sampling rate of 100 Hz, the passband is from 0.5 Hz to 49.5 Hz with 0.5- dB ripple. The filter architecture is based on the use of recursive running-sum blocks

Grasping the potential of digital signal processing through real-time DSP laboratory experiments
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ABSTRACT A new DSP laboratory course has been included in the Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum at the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, in Portugal, since the school year of 1999/2000. This paper addresses the context and

Design and implementation of a linear-phase equalizer in digital audio signal processing
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In the field of audio recording or reproduction, signal analyzers are widely used eg to overcome shortcoinmings of analog natural sources or to mod- ify the sound frequency character istic- in a more preferred shape. Equalizers, therefore, do consist, of a set, of bandpass filters. In each The Signal Processing Society is an organization, within the framework of the IEEE, of members with principal professional interest in the technology of transmission, recording, reproduction, processing , and measurement of speech; other audio-frequency waves and The last-noted presentation jarred a memory bite that has remained dormant for about a year. In the July 1987 issue of IEEE Spectrum two articles appeared entitled Math Chips: How They Work (pp. 25-30) and Computer Benchmarking: Paths and Pitfalls (pp. 38-43)

A Study for Image Pickup over Nyquist Rate Using Digital Signal Processing
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The resolution progress of an image sensor by digital signal processing was simulated on computer. By using this method, high-resolution images that have a high-spacial frequency beyond the Nyquist frequency can be obtained. The simulated imaging devices are the area

Programs for digital signal processing
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The ASSP Society has produced an important book which is of great value to teachers, students, researchers, and instrument designers. This book contains a collection of 33 Fortran programs for digital signal processing , all well explained, carefully reviewed, and

The not so digital future of digital signal processing
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Before the digital revolution, image and signal processing was performed using analog circuitry. Today digital signal processing (DSP) has defined our lives. Although some mixed- signal designs are of current interest, DSP dominates everything that we own or use

A first laboratory course on digital signal processing
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In this paper a new laboratory course on digital signal processing , established at the Southern Taiwan University of Technology, is discussed. In this course students execute a series of laboratory exercises, involving programming signal processors, addressing mode

On digital signal processing understanding through simulation and animation tools
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This paper describes the use of simulation and animation tools based on MathCAD, aimed to support the understanding of basic principles of digital filters. An important feature is the interaction student-computer to simulate different problems with parameter changes and its

Approximate Adders for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Applicatons-A Relative Study
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In determining the speed and power consumption of a digital signal processing (DSP) system adder plays a key role. The demand ofhigh speed and power as well as the fault tolerancenature of some application have promoted the developmentof approximate adders

Socializing Digital Signal Processing [From the Editor]
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IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING MAGAZINE JULY 2010 algorithms are still in the early stages of evaluation and validation. The speed of nonrigid registration algorithms is one drawback of most algorithms, making their clinical use difficult. However, recent advances in

Modular architectures for two-dimensional digital signal processing
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This paper addresses the implementation aspects of highly modular two-dimensional (2-D) digital filters. The idea of matrix decomposition 111 is used to provide increased parallelism and regularity. Four different structures namely the transversal, the distributed arithmetic, the

Comment on Implementation of a Web-Based Educational Tool for Digital Signal Processing Teaching Using the Technological Acceptance Model.
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There are some serious errors contained in as follows: 1) On page 633, the acronym PHP is defined as PERL Hypertext Preprocessor. This definition is incorrect. The acronym stands for Pre-Hypertext Processor. PHP is a scripting language that actually competes

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