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Down converter is a part to convert RF signal down to IF or baseband. Bascally, mixer part for frequency downward is called down converter. Abstract Using AlGaAs/GaAs HEMT technology, we designed, fabricated, evaluated a V- band monolithic downconverter . The downconverter consists of a four-stage RF amplifier and an image-rejection active-drain HEMT mixer. The HEMTs in the downconverter have

A High Performance Ku-band Two Channel Downconverter for Interferometric Radar Applications
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Abstract This paper addresses the initial stages for the design, construction and testing of a two-channel, twostage downconverter from Ku-band to IF, where the emphasis on relative phase accuracy and inter-channel cross-talk requirements are critical design elements in the

A programmable switched-capacitor A-DQS frequency downconverter for two-step channel selection wireless receiver
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a combined half-and full-delay switched-capacitor frequency downconverter with embedded channel selection function through a programmable analog-double quadrature sampling (A-DQS) technique. With such circuit

The Design and Evaluation of a High Performance Ku-band Downconverter for Spaceborne Interferometric Radar
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Abstract This paper discusses the results from the creation and testing of a high precision two-channel Ku-band downconverter development by the University of Massachusetts and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Kuband downconverter is a critical part (in terms of

The design and characterization of a ku-and ka-band downconverter for spaceborne interferometric radar
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ESTO ACT Project Ku-band Ku-band Page 9. The Design and Characterization of Ku- and Ka-band Downconverter for Spaceborne Interferometric Radar Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory 2008 ESTC Ku-band Downconverter Development Page 10. Microwave Remote

Injection of Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum Pilot Tones into Beamline Components as a Means of Downconverter Stabilization and Real-Time Receiver
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Abstract Beamline components used for diagnostic elements often rely on thermal stabilization, continual physical maintenance (ie. tuning), and frequent beam-based calibrations to maintain specified performance. Directsequence spread spectrum (DSSS)

Low noise block downconverter design for satellite receiver system Vinasat 1 operating at C-band
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Abstract: This paper describes the study, design and fabrication of a low noise block downconverter (LNB) used for satellite receiver system Vinasat 1 operating at 3.4-4.2 GHz. The LNB design is compromised many importance

A Wideband RF Downconverter for the NIJ Public Safety Radio
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This report describes the design of a downconverter for a multiband radio for public safety applications. This work is performed as part of the projectA Low Cost All-Band All-Mode Radio for Public Safetysponsored by National Institute of Justice of the US Dept. of Justice

First Tests of a uTCA-Based Downconverter Electronic for 5GHz Higher Order Modes in Third Harmonic Accelerating Cavities at XFEL
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The 3rd International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2014), held at Monterey Portola Hotel, is dedicated to exploring the physics and engineering challenges of beam diagnostics and measurement techniques for charged particle beams. The International

Ka-band downconverter with LTCC technology for satellite communications
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ABSTRACT KERAMIS-GEO was an RD project funded by the German Space Agency DLR which aimed at the development and verification of RF equipment for satellite communications in Ka-band. Two devices were developed: a reconfigurable switch matrix

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Reactive nonlinearity for power harvesting-inspired frequency downconverter
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Every low power harvesting system has to cope with low efficiency issues. As the most common nonlinear element in rectification, Schottky diode has advantages of being broadband and loosely sensitive to load variation. However, it is a nonlinear resistive device

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