Early Flood Detection

development of the system which will determine the current water level by means of sensors and by using wireless sensor network will then provide notification via GSM modem. The system however do not just stops there but proceed to also send notification through popular social network like the Facebook and Twitters. It is felt that notification system such as flood warning system should be carried a step further in notifying the public. Since social networking is at the moment one of the popular medium of communication, sending an alert through it would hence reach a larger audience. A prototype of the proposed system is discussed in this paper and the result of the testing phase is also elaborated. The architecture of the system can be expanded further to a fully functioning system in alerting the public of an impending disaster caused by flood.

Wireless sensor network provides early flood detection for underserved countries
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Led by Professor Daniela Rus of MITs Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Ph. D. student Elizabeth Basha, the team is field testing a prototype system on the Aguán River in collaboration with Fundacíon San Alonso Rodríguez (FSAR), a

Early Flood Detection System using Android Application
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Early monitoring of the flood will help society to save a life but is very hard to detect flood . During the flood situation, water level increases and becomes more volatile as it reaches a higher and higher level. In this masters work, we are worked on early flood detection and let

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Extreme floods have been reported to be more frequent partly due to global warming. As such, the necessity for timely detection and mapping of floods is increasingly important in order to protect lives and livelihoods. Floods affect large regions of the Earth and cannot be

Early Flood Detection and Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
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Flooding is a natural phenomenon which has attracted global attention as a result of its negative impact on the society. Developing nations such as Nigeria have been predicted to experience increased flood occurrences in the coming decade. The events of flooding are

RQE Report: Model-Based Monitoring for Early Warning Flood Detection
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Predictive environmental sensor networks provide complex engineering and systems challenges. These systems must withstand the event of interest, remain functional over long time periods when no events occur, cover large geographical regions of interest to the event

Towards the Implementation of Energy Harvesting for IoT Sensor Nodes in an Early Warning Flood Detection System
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Flood sensors are deployed to measure the water level of rivers in areas prone to flooding. Flood is a frequent event in many places and the after effect almost always results in loss of properties and lives. Deploying sensors in remote areas to provide significant benefit in

Flood Early Warning Detection System Prototype Based on IoT Network
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This paper proposes a basic prototype of flood early warning detection system based on internet of things network. This paper will also explain regarding how the system works (using Arduino and ultrasonic sensor), where the data should be sent (to the cloud server)

Hydrological simulation of probabilistic ensemble forecasts for flash flood early detection
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Since flashflood operational simulation for the entire Europe is not feasible, rules need to be defined regarding when and where to trigger 1km flashflood simulations from pre- operational EFAS results. A 30-year continuous climatology was produced from COSMO