electromagnetic fields

Evaluating compliance with FCC guidelines for human exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields
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has been developing recommended
procedures for evaluating portable devices for compliance with SAR limits using

Fundamental and practical aspects of therapeutic uses of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs)
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The beneficial therapeutic effects of selected low-energy, time-varying magnetic fields ,
called PEMFs, have been documented with increasing frequency since 1973. Initially, this
form of athermal energy was used mainly as a salvage for patients with long-standing

Bohrens decomposition is extremely useful for investigating scattering by bounded chiral
volumes, but a systematic study of electromagnetic wave propagation characteristics in
chiral media requires knowledge of the infinite medium Greens function, which is, of course

Representation of electromagnetic fields over arbitrary surfaces by a finite and nonredundant number of samples
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(EM) field, radiated or scattered by bounded sources, can be accurately represented over a
substantially arbitrary surface by a finite number of samples even when the observation
domain is unbounded. The number of required samples is nonredundant and essentially

Averaged transition conditions for electromagnetic fields at a metafilm
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This paper derives generalized sheet transition con-ditions (GSTCs) for the average
electromagnetic fields across a surface distribution of electrically small scatterers
characterized by electric and magnetic polarization densities. We call such an arrangement

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in Osteoarthritis
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Methods. In a pilot, double-blind randomized trial, 27 patients with osteoarthritis (OA),
primarily of the knee, were treated with PEMF, Treatment consisted of 18 half-hour periods of
exposure over about 1 month in a specially designed noncontact, air-coil device

Prevention of osteoporosis by pulsed electromagnetic fields
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Using an animal model, we examined the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields , induced at a
physiological frequency and intensity, to prevent the osteoporosis that is concomitant with
disuse. By protecting the left ulnae of turkeys from functional loading, we noted a loss of

A randomized double-blind prospective study of the efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic fields for interbody lumbar fusions
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BACKGROUND What can be done to enhance the biologic factors that control the rat of
fusion In the 1960s it was discovered that mechanical stresses generated electrical
potentials in l30tlt .. 3 12 Thus it seemed reasonable to assume that manipulation of

Exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields , biological effects and health consequences (100 kHz-300 GHz)
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We have undertaken a broad review of epidemiological knowledge about the effects of RF
on human health in order to summarize the current state of knowlcdge, to Expiain the
methodological issues that are involved, and to aid in the planning of future studies. We

Pulsing electromagnetic fields : A new method to modify cell behavior in calcified and noncalcified tissues
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During the past 20 years, great strides have been made in defining bioelectric phenomena
in the skeletal system. As a result, it is possible to treat, clinically, disordered function in
these tissues. The success of these efforts and a rapidly expanding base of fundamental

Medical/biological Study (experimental study) Low-Frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields influence EEG of man.
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EEG-data of human sampled under the influence of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic
fields are altered extremely in the range of alpha-activity as well as during and after
exposure for some hours. This effect is induced by field intensities lower than the given

Possible effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on human health–opinion of the scientific committee on emerging and newly identified health risks (SCENIHR)
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Upon request of the European Commission, the Scientific Committee on Emerging and
Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) has updated the previous opinion on Possible
effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), Radio Frequency Fields (RF) and Microwave

Stimulation of phagocytosis and free radical production in murine macrophages by 50 Hz electromagnetic fields
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Effects of 50 Hz electromagnetic fields on phagocytosis and free radical production were
examined in mouse bone marrowderived macrophages. Macrophages were in vitro
exposed to electromagnetic fields using different magnetic field densities (0.5±1.5 mT). Short

Electrochemical therapy of pelvic pain: effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on tissue trauma
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Unusually effective and long-lasting relief of pelvic pain of gynaecological origin has been
obtained consistently by short exposures of affected areas to the application of a magnctic
induction device producing short, sharp, magnetic-field pulses of a minimal amplitude to

Magnetic healing, quackery, and the debate about the health effects of electromagnetic fields
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Although the biological effects of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation have been
studied since the time of Paracelsus, there is still no consensus on whether these effects are
physiologically significant. The recent discovery of deposits of magnetite within the human

Effect of extremely low frequency of electromagnetic fields on cell proliferation, antioxidative enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes-an
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The exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF-MF, frequencies less
than 200-300 Hz) can alter the transcription and translation of genes, influence the cell
proliferation rate and affect enzyme activities. Moreover, the hypothesis that ELFMF

Electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation as non-invasive external stimulants for seeds (selected methods and responses)
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Results obtained in research on the effects of EMF ( electromagnetic field) and EMR
( electromagnetic radiation) on seeds and seedlings show that it is still impossible to draw
coherent conclusions. The seed is an extremely complex system, and its state cannot always

The International Symposium on Biological Effects of Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields
was held from September 3-4, 1993 at Kyushu University in Fukuoka. Japan. Originally, it
was only intended to be an informal gathering of many scientists who had accepted my

Clinical update of pulsed electromagnetic fields on osteoporosis
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Objective To understand the effects of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs)
on chronic bony pain, bone mineral density (BMD), bone strength and biochemical markers
of bone metabolism in the patients of osteoporosis. Data sources Using the key words

Pulsed electromagnetic fields for the treatment of bone fractures
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SUMMARY The effectiveness of Electrical Stimulation and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field
(PEMF) Stimulation for enhancement of bone healing has been reported by many workers,
though contradictory reports are available regarding the latter. The mechanism of

A new electromagnetic sensor using the atomic Rabi frequency is presented. Gaseous
cesium-133 atoms enclosed in a compact glass cell work as an electromagnetic sensor by
detecting the Rabi frequency. In this paper, we measured the electromagnetic field radiated

Comprehensive numerical analysis of designed force sensor based on changes of electromagnetic field properties
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This paper deals with force sensor design applicable to measure the forces up to 10 N.
Presented sensor is based on the method which is capable to indirectly measure the forces
using deformation of load cell. The resonance circuit frequency is primarily affected by

Statistical Simulations of a Body-Worn Triaxial Sensor for Electromagnetic Field and Exposure Assessment
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The Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure of the population due to wireless
communications (2G, 3G, 4G and WLANs) originates both from Down-Link (DL) emissions
incoming from Base Stations (BS) and Access Points (AP), and from Up-Link ones produced

Electromagnetic characterization of a field sensor for the localization of gsm cellular phones aboard an aircraft
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This paper describes an innovative test procedure for the characterization of a new field
sensor prototype sensitive to amplitude modulated signals and designed to be installed as a
detector unit in an intelligent network for the localization of global system for mobile

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1. Introduction In the recent years, transportation using vehicles plays a very important role
and contributes considerably to the development of present social economic system. But, as
the transport systems develop, we have increased traffic congestion and accidents