Electronics is the study of how to control the flow of electrons. It deals with circuits made up of components that control the flow of electricity. Electronics is a part of physics and electrical engineering. Electrical components like transistors and relays can act as switches.

Electronics Product Promotion and SCM, Contemporary Research on Bangladesh
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Purpose-This study aims to identify the organisation and its operations. It also examines the status of association product promotion. In addition, this study identified essential elements deemed necessary from the viewpoint of the web recommender system (WRS). Furthermore

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Most supply chain management personnel exhibit weak capabilities in response to supply chain disruptions. This might be because such personnel have not received comprehensive supply chain training, which results in insufficient responses in an emergency. According to

Examination of Online Purchase Intention towards Consumer Electronics Products
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E-commerce is offering ample opportunities for the business to grow. It provides a convenient platform for the consumer to purchase products and service online. Retailers must understand how consumers are adopting and using an online channel for the

Design and test of readout electronics for medical and astrophysics applications
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The applied particle physics has a strong RD tradition aimed at rising the instrumentation performances to achieve relevant results for the scientific community. The know-how achieved in developing particle detectors can be applied to apparently divergent fields like

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This paper reports on the conception, development and execution of computerassisted live electronics in augmenting a contemporary string quartet performance in real time. The system, as designed for the piece lvbeet130/133dec. com by composer Fred Popovici, uses

Design and Practical Experience in Power Electronics Project Based Learning Approach at UKM
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Teaching and learning of power electronics courses typically involves various activities such as circuit design, circuit development and circuit testing for predetermined application. To comply with the course outcome assessment, a project based learning (PBL) methodology

Impacts of Outsourcing on Quality: A Case Study of an Electronics Sector
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Outsourcing is indeed the cutting edge innovation that has revolutionizes the world economics since past few decades by saving time, cost, effort and bringing innovation. As electronic sector holds a significant value in the economy and development of country, the

Complementary doping of van der Waals materials through controlled intercalation for monolithically integrated electronics
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Doping control has been a key challenge for electronic applications of van der Waals materials. Here, we demonstrate complementary doping of black phosphorus using controlled ionic intercalation to achieve monolithic building elements. We characterize the

Adaptation trajectories of dismissed workers: a critical case study of the Lithuanian radio- electronics sector
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This article explores why some dismissed workers successfully adapt to the disruptive changing structure of economy and upskill, while others remain trapped in low-quality jobs and experience deskilling. By conducting 50 in-depth semi-structured interviews with former