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Fairview Microwave is a leading provider of high-quality RF and microwave components including adapters, connectors, attenuators, coaxial cables, terminations, and much more. Specializing in immediate product needs, we offer same-day shipping on thousands of in-stock items with no minimum purchasing requirements. Since 1992, Fairview (originally Sun Moon Electronics or SM Electronics for short) has been recognized for delivering unsurpassed quality, but our true strength lies on our customer service. We go to great lengths to get you the component you need as rapidly as possible and we do it all with a passion. Located in Lewisville, TX, just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex we have grown to become one of the premier suppliers of passive microwave components in the U.S. and across the globe. Fairview boasts over 5,000 microwave and RF parts, most in stock and ready to ship, which over 1 million products can be built and shipped as soon as same day.

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